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  • Advocacy

    NACE advocates on behalf of its membership and the profession on issues related to the career development and employment of the college educated work force. Through its efforts, the association works to educate members regarding legislative and regulatory matters that may impact the profession, and advocates before governmental officials and the public for outcomes that best support the interests of NACE members and the profession.

    Leading the effort is the Advocacy Advisory Committee, which is composed of NACE past presidents and members of the NACE Academy of Fellows. The committee includes:

    Patricia Carretta, George Mason University (retired), chair
    Ray Angle, Gonzaga University
    Marie Artim, Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
    William Banis, Northwestern University (retired)
    Dan Black, EY
    Ralph Brigham, Southwestern
    Dawn Carter, Intuit
    Andrew Ceperley, Claremont McKenna College
    Emanuel Contomanolis, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Denise Dwight Smith, Old Dominion University
    Norma Guerra Gaier, Texas State University
    Marcia Harris, Career Dimensions
    Tim Luzader, Purdue University
    Tony Procter, Ford (retired)
    Samuel Ratcliffe, Virginia Military Institute
    Larry Routh, University of Nebraska (retired)
    Kathy Sims, Gifted Hire
    Ellen Smith, MWW
    Trudy Steinfeld, New York University
    Vanessa Strauss, FDIC
    Shawn VanDerziel, The Field Museum
    Gale Varma, Charming Shoppes Inc. (retired)

    The committee is supported by NACE staff members Marilyn Mackes, executive director, and Edwin Koc, director of research, public policy, and legislative affairs.

  • Inclusion is a core value for the National Association of Colleges and Employers, which fosters and supports individual and organizational diversity and inclusion in all facets of the association.