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Making Sponsorship Inclusive: Strategies for Protégés, Sponsors, and Diversity and Inclusion Leaders
Sponsorship is a powerful tool and critical to the career development of women of color, but only if done in an inclusive way. For career development practitioners who focus on promoting equity and inclusion in their work, this workshop presents individual and organizational actions to address women of color’s equal access to sponsorship. Learning Objectives: Understand the difference between mentorship and sponsorship and why it is essential for the career advancement of underrepresented identities. Identify key responsibilities and behaviors for sponsor/protégés and reflect on their own experiences with sponsorship; learn practical strategies to create a culture that retains underrepresented talent in higher education. Develop a community of practitioners dedicated to increased diverse representation within the field of career development, both in higher education and in corporate environments.
Career Services
Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Main Speaker:
Fatim Lelenta, NYU Stern School of Business
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