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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Is Your Superpower to Build Inclusive Hiring Practices
Did you know Emotional Intelligence (EQ) emerges widely as a superpower in building inclusive hiring practices in the workplace? To build cultures of inclusion and belonging requires the ability to manage one's emotions. Emotional intelligence is the ability to cognitively recognize, evaluate, influence, and manage our own and the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence is shaped by experiences and reinforced through explicit instruction of social and emotional skills (Goleman, 2007). An excerpt from the Time for Learning: Race in the Workplace series by Dr. Shaun Harper and Damian Hooper-Campbell suggests leaders tackling race in the workplace cannot continue to choose avoidance as an inclusive hiring strategy. To drive inclusivity in the workplace, leaders must “move past good intentions and hold managers and executives accountable” in their hiring practices. To ground our interactive discussion, participants will explore inclusive hiring practices from this framework coupled with Justin Bariso’s EQ Applied book and seminal research from Daniel Goleman’s EQ framework based on the quadrants of self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management. Principally, participants will be able to understand, apply, and create four superpowers toward building inclusive hiring practices 1) psychological safety/trust, 2) challenge hiring biases, 3) cultivate belonging, and 4) whole person authenticity.
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Airies Davis, Dominican University
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