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June 15 - 26, 2020 Online
NACE Connect

The Virtual Experience

Connect. Educate. Empower.

Address your new-world challenges head-on in this virtual experience.

Virtual connections all over the world.
Leverage the Power of the NACE Community

The world has changed. How has your organization adapted? What information do you need to plan the next month, quarter, year?

Get real-time examples of how leaders in the field are handling this global crisis.

Fully leverage the power of the NACE community in times like these.

  • Forge stronger connections within your professional community.
  • Learn how to adapt to constant and rapid change.
  • Exchange ideas and best practices with your career services and recruiting peers.
  • Empower yourself with real-life takeaways and take part in conversations that may determine the future of the work force.
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Solving virtual problems.
Real-Time Solutions for New-World Challenges

Address your new-world challenges head-on with topics like diversity recruitment, virtual internships, student engagement, and new technology.

Paid Content Tracks include:

  • Career Readiness and Work Force Development
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Virtual Engagement of Students and Candidates

Free Sessions include:

  • Featured Speakers and Sessions
  • Technology Solutions Sessions
  • Nationally Recognized Leading Practice Sessions
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Online purchasing.
Flexible Schedule and Registration Options

This event was held virtually over a two-week period from June 15 – 26, 2020, with a combination of free and paid events. Browse the full schedule to view the 15 paid content sessions and 20 free sessions now available on-demand.

  • Fee per Paid Session: : $29 (member); $49 (nonmember)
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NOTE: Credits on account for NACE20, Preconference Workshops, or 2020 Executive Leadership Symposium can be applied to paid registration for this event. Please contact NACE Meetings & Events at events@naceweb.org for assistance.

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To be as flexible as possible with your time and budget, two registration options are available to gain access to 22 paid, content sessions.

An additional 20 sessions are free to all.

Individual Sessions
per Session
  • $29 (member)
  • $49 (nonmember)
  • 22 content sessions
  • 15 free sessions
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Complimentary Sessions
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  • 20 free sessions
  • Featured Speakers
  • Tech Solutions
  • Leading Change Sessions
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Featured Speakers

John Doe

Chelsea Williams

Founder & CEO, CollegeCode

As the Founder & CEO of CollegeCode, Chelsea supports national organizations in developing and retaining diverse early career talent. Prior to leading College Code, she held 10 years of experience in global human capital across North America, Europe, and Asia. She started her career on Wall Street at Barclays Investment Bank.

Johnny Campbell


CEO and Co-Founder, SocialTalent

Johnny Campbell is a serial disrupter in the world of hiring. As co-founder and CEO of SocialTalent, the world’s leading hiring skills platform, Mr. Campbell works with some of the largest enterprises in the world (such as Intel, IBM, and Oracle) to drive hiring excellence in their organizations.

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