Event Hosting Form

All events held in conjunction with (ICW) the NACE 2014 Conference and Expo must be approved by NACE using the event hosting form. NACE must receive and approve all event request forms regardless of event location (at conference venue or off property) Only Conference sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers may host ICW events, and NACE has the sole discretion to approve submitted event requests. Events must not conflict with the conference schedule.

Who needs to submit a form?
Any conference exhibitor or sponsor hosting an event in conjunction with the 2014 NACE Conference & Expo.

What is the process?

  1. Submit your event information to NACE by May 9, 2014 using the event form below.
  2. Gain approval from NACE to hold event. The approval will be sent to you via e-mail after your event information has been reviewed. Once you receive approval, proceed with booking your event.
  3. NACE will provide you with the contact information for proceeding with the hotel and/or convention center. NACE is not responsible for any contractual agreements made by you or your organization.

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