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  • Student Attitudes

    1. Job Security Tops Students’ Wish List

      Want to become an employer of choice among college students? Start by offering them job security and the opportunity to develop job-specific skills.

    2. The Role of Social Media in the Job Search

      What are students’ attitudes about communicating with employers via social media? And which platforms do they use and find useful in their job searches?

    3. New Grads Define Good Benefits Package

      Are employers providing the benefits that their new college hires want most? Not in all cases, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2017 Student Survey.

    4. Recruitment Technology Tools

      Highlights from research conducted by Scott Resource Group: What do students think about technology in the hiring process?

    5. Minority Groups: Diversity-Minded Employer Is Top Factor

      Positioning your organization can help boost its diversity-recruiting efforts among your target groups.

    6. Class of 2017: What Students Look for in a Job/Employer

      What do new graduates want in a job? Overall, Class of 2017 graduates want the chance to develop their skills, job security, and friendly co-workers.

    7. The Benefit Preferences of First-Generation Students

      NACE’s First Generation Students Report finds differences in attitudes between first-generation and non-first generation students toward some employer benefits.

    8. First-Generation Students: Salary Expectations

      The starting salary expectations of first-generation and non-first-generation students were similar.

    9. First-Generation Students: Job-Search Resources

      The job-search resource that yielded the largest difference between first-generation and non-first generation students was the guidance of parents/relatives.

    10. What First-Generation Students Are Seeking in Employers

      Class of 2016 first-generation students gave greater weight to an organization being located close to home and embracing diversity than did their classmates.

    11. The Job Search: Use and Usefulness of Resources

      Graduating seniors cited employer websites as the most widely used and most useful job-search resource, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2016 Student Survey. That result is consistent with those of earlier iterations of the annual survey, which stretches back to the Class of 2007.

    12. Class of 2016 Grads Seek 401k, Health Insurances

      In terms of the benefits they prefer, Class of 2016 bachelor’s degree graduates took a longer view of the financial aspects of their professional careers than did previous classes, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2016 Student Survey.

    13. Social Media Activities That Net Success Are Underused

      The social media activities that yielded the greatest increase in job offer rates for the Class of 2016 are little used.

    14. Students Still See Opportunity for Growth as Most Important Job Characteristic

      The single most important aspect that Class of 2016 job-seeking graduates who planned to enter the work force looked for in their first full-time job is the opportunity for personal growth, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2016 Student Survey.

    15. OP-ED: Career Fairs Are NOT Dead

      Career fairs are not dead — just ask students, says consultant Mary Scott. Basing her insights on longitudinal research, Scott explains how student expectations for career fairs have changed over the years, and discusses the conditions organizations need to meet to ensure students value their participation in these important events.

    16. Students Tap Alumni in the Job Search

      NACE’s Class of 2015 Student Survey found that nearly 70 percent of graduating seniors used alumni in their job search, and a majority rated alumni as a very or extremely effective job-search resource.

    17. STEM Students Most Want Job Opening Job Description Information From Employers

      Employers recruiting STEM students would do well to provide them with the information they most seek, including that about current job openings, job descriptions for entry-level positions, and salaries/compensation, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2015 Student Survey.

    18. Predictions 2021: Students Will Most Value Good Benefits Packages, Job Security

      During its 60th anniversary year, NACE is honoring its service to the profession, in part, by asking its members to look forward to the year 2021 and help model a vision of the future through polls. Respondents to the fourth poll—regarding the qualities that students will value most in the employers for which they want to work in 2021—anticipate students will be most drawn to a good benefits package.

    19. What Students Expect From Employers on Social Media

      What do students expect from the employers with which they interact on social media? Students want authenticity, responsiveness, and availability, according to Kristina Hunt and Grace Kiem of Fidelity Investments.

    20. Annual Salary Increases the Top Benefit Sought by STEM Graduates

      When it comes to employer benefits, STEM students are most interested in receiving guaranteed annual salary increases and 100 percent employer-paid medical insurance, according to results of NACE’s Class of 2015 Student Survey.

    21. The Target Industries of Class of 2015 STEM Majors

      While some Class of 2015 STEM majors were interested in a diversity of industries, others were almost singularly focused on a particular industry, lending support to the popular notion that some majors are “piped” into particular types of jobs.

    22. The Employer/Job Preferences of Class of 2015 STEM Students

      The employer/job characteristics that Class of 2015 STEM majors desire most were opportunities for personal growth, job security, a good benefits package, and friendly co-workers, according to results of NACE's Students in Demand: An Insight Into Class of 2015 STEM Graduates.

    23. The Information Students Seek on Career Websites

      When students visit your organization’s career website, they are most likely looking for information about current openings and salaries/compensation and not for employee comments about the organization and internship opportunities, according to NACE’s Class of 2015 Student Survey.

    24. Major and Industry Prime Factors in Students' Salary Expectations

      According to NACE's Class of 2015 Student Survey, two major factors that affected students' starting salary expectations were their major field of study and the industry in which they were most interested.

    25. Understanding Generational Differences

      Transformative world events during formative years shapes each generations’ attitudes about work and what it means to be a professional. We can learn from each other once we understand what makes each of us "tick."