• Internships: Best Practices

  • Developing Interns’ Skills Strengthens Their Bond to the Organization


    Professional development has always been a top priority of PSEG’s internship program. PSEG recognized that developing its interns makes them feel valued, and strengthens the bond between the organization and its interns.


    Candidate Selection, Strong Connections Yield High Internship Program Rates

    To make its internship program a valuable source of talent, Owens Corning places emphasis on hiring interns who it feels would be successful leaders in the future and on building deep connections between interns, the company, and the community.

    MSU Builds Competencies Check Into Intern/Co-op Evaluations

    The Mississippi State University (MSU) career center has worked to incorporate college/university accreditation standards into its co-op and intern employment evaluations to create a secondary evaluation source supporting concepts learned in the classroom and assessing whether the competencies are being mastered.

    Communication Helps The Walsh Group Boost Intern Conversion Rate

    When it comes to finding out what college students want in an internship program, who better to ask than interns themselves. The Walsh Group has used intern feedback and insight to help shape its internship program and achieve a high intern conversion rate.

    Improving Academic Internships

    Internships are important, but colleges and universities need to ensure their educational value, and given the importance of internships in higher education, periodic review of the program is essential to ensure the best educational experience possible.

    Keep Building Relationships With Interns Who Return to Campus

    When interns return to campus for the fall semester, one of the worst-case scenarios for their employers is being “out of sight, out of mind.” What can your organization do to stay top of mind? Start by making a positive impression on your interns when they are with you and continuing to build relationships with them when they are not.

    Pitt’s Internship Guarantee Hinges on Completion of Prep Program

    In 2012, the University of Pittsburgh implemented an “Internship Guarantee” whereby students who complete its Internship Prep Program (IPP) and related requirements are guaranteed an internship or other experiential learning opportunity before graduation.

    Key Elements of a Successful Online Intern Manager Training Program

    NetApp's online intern manager training program provides managers with 24/7 access to training. The program is desired to be user friendly, scalable, and trackable.

    Providing Internship Guidance to Nontraditional Students

    Use the following tips to assist nontraditional students with their internship searches.

    Tips for Developing an Internship Program Schedule

    Consider developing an internship program schedule populated with activities for interns to connect more deeply with the company, build skills, and bond with one another.

    Project With Nonprofit Helps Interns Connect With Community

    Rosetta’s pro-bono internship project is a way for the company to give back to its community while providing its interns with an experience that allows them to use their skills in a project-based setting outside of their day-to-day project teams.

    Tips for Maintaining Ties With Interns

    It is critical that your organization maintain the relationships it has developed with its interns when they return to campus. Here are several tips.

    15 Best Practices for Internship Programs

    Best practices for internship programs, including work assignments, orientation, housing and relocation, work arrangements, and managing the program.