• Interviewing - Legal Issues

  • Legal Issues: Navigating the Interview Process and Avoiding a Legal Landmine

    “When did you graduate from high school?” “Do you have any children?” “Have you ever been arrested?” These questions all seem innocuous. However, the issue is who is asking the question, where are the questions being asked, and why. If these questions are asked during the interview process to a potential applicant, an employer may end up in legal hot water.

    Legal Issues: Interviewing and Hiring International Students


    Employers need to know how to determine if an international student will require visa sponsorship—and career services professionals also should be aware of this process so that they can effectively advise these students.


    Disclosure of a Disability in a Job Interview

    Even after 20 years of antidiscrimination laws and the low cost of reasonable accommodations, in the United States, qualified applicants with disabilities have lower rates of employment than the general population. This discrimination exists throughout all levels of income and education.

Interviewing - Legal Issues