• Class of 2014 First-Destination Survey:
    Salaries for Liberal Arts/Humanities Majors

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    May 13, 2015

    Liberal arts/general studies majors earned the top average starting salary among Class of 2014 liberal arts graduates at the bachelor’s degree level, according to NACE’s Spring 2015 Salary Survey report.

    At $41,605, the average starting salary of liberal arts/general studies majors was the only one of the liberal arts graduates to top $40,000. (See Figure 1.)

    The average starting salaries of the remaining liberal arts majors in this report were tightly clustered as just $4,000 separated the second-highest average salary ($37,557 for history majors) and the lowest average salary ($33,574 for English majors).

    Overall, Class of 2014 new college graduates at the bachelor’s degree level commanded an average starting salary of $48,127.

    The Spring 2015 Salary Survey report provides actual starting salaries for the college Class of 2014. The data were reported to NACE through its national First-Destination Survey by more than 140 colleges and universities nationwide, and represent data for more than 45,000 bachelor’s degree graduates. Data were gathered from Class of 2014 graduates through December 30, 2014, and reported to NACE through March 15, 2015. The Spring 2015 Salary Survey represents the final salary report for the Class of 2014.