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  • NACE Coaching for Businesses & Organizations

  • Summary

    This 3-part webinar series will teach the skills and strategies to leverage employees’ understanding of mission, resulting in positive change, increased productivity, and employee development. Learn how to analyze and differentiate between organizational styles and justify appropriate communication methods in order to serve as a change agent within your organization.

    Part I: Coaching for Positive Change–Why?

    • Use effective communication strategies which align with organization vision;
    • Describe benefits of organizations adopting a coaching model for change; and
    • Recommend appropriate coaching strategies that enhance productivity and address organizational issues.

    Part II: Coaching for Positive Change–How?

    • Identify specific coaching skills necessary for serving in the role of a spokesperson, advocate, and negotiator;
    • Define change agent characteristics and impact within the organization; and
    • Discuss mentoring role and impact on an individual and group level.

    Part III: Coaching for Positive Change–When?

    • Analyze organizational styles and use of effective communication;
    • Gain employee buy-in using effective decision making techniques; and
    • Describe coaching strategies which contribute to resolution.

    Presenters: Meg Flournoy, Senior Director, The Career Management Center, Duke University Fuqua School of Business; and Jennifer Lasater, Vice President, Employer and Career Services, Kaplan University

    Visit the FAQ page or contact NACE Professional Development at, 610.625.1026.