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  • NACE Center Projects

    Joint Research: NACE Center and Scott Resource Group

    The NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition and Scott Resource Group (SRG) are partnering to delve into recruiting timing and techniques used to connect with students to determine the effectiveness of both.

    The results will be offered through a special report and will serve as the basis for a presentation led by SRG President Mary Scott at the NACE 2018 Conference & Expo in New Orleans.

    Joint Research: NACE Center and BHEF Team Up

    The NACE Center and the Business and Higher Education Forum (BHEF) are partnering to assess how the C-suite and those directly involved in the promotion and recruitment of college graduates view two skill sets likely to be critical in the future economy: data analytics and cybersecurity.

    The joint effort focuses on how important these skills are perceived to be and how these skills are being developed/recruited with particular attention toward the partnering of industry and higher education in enhancing these skill sets among tomorrow’s graduates.

    The findings are available through two free reports, Investing in America’s Data Science Talent (BHEF) and Key Skills for the Future: Data Analytics and Cybersecurity (NACE Center).

    Commissioned Research: Unpaid Internships

    The NACE Center explores the value and impact of unpaid internships on graduate outcomes with three independent research projects slated for 2017.

    Research conducted at Mount Holyoke College uses the case study of a small New England liberal arts college with a large-scale internship program to examine the relationship between internship participation and educational and career outcomes. (Download a copy of the report here.)

    At Endicott College, students are required to undertake three credit-bearing internships over the course of their four years. This study leverages both the longevity and comprehensive structure of Endicott’s internship program to examine both immediate and long-term effects of unpaid internships. (Results will be released in early 2018.)

    A third study explores the long-term impact of unpaid internships, with more than 30 institutions participating. The study is expected to conclude by the close of 2017, with results to follow.

    Together with the insights gleaned from an earlier report released in fall 2016, these research projects will provide the richest analysis available thus far on unpaid internships and their effects on the careers of college graduates.

    A New Model: Brain-Based Career Development

    In May 2017, the NACE Center published Brain-Based Career Development, a monograph by Imants Jaunarajs, Erin Morgenstern, and Jodi Pavol of Ohio University.

    Laying out the theory behind brain-based career development (BBCD), Jaunarajs, Morgenstern, and Pavol explain the associated neuropsychology and how it impacts career coaching methods, offer a model to demonstrate the theory in action, and provide guidance on how to train career coaches in BBCD.

    Brain-Based Career Development is of special interest among those pursuing certifications related to career coaching.

    NACE Center Partners With the Institute of International Education (IIE)

    The NACE Center is pleased to announce its role as a Study Partner in support of IIE’s inaugural Generation Study Abroad survey.

    This national survey examines how short-term higher education study abroad experiences contribute to employability. The study is designed to investigate which skills sets students develop while abroad and the potential impact of these skills on subsequent employment. Elements of the survey focused on skills and competencies were informed the NACE Career Readiness definition and competencies.

    NACE career services members were invited to take part in the survey. Research results will be available later this year.

    Posted February 2018