Executive Committee

Committee Charge: The Executive Committee fulfills the ongoing charges outlined in the NACE Bylaws, Article VII, 7.01 in order to advance the strategic direction of NACE. In particular, the Executive Committee:

  • - Identifies strategic issues to bring to the Board
  • - Advises staff on day-to-day issues
  • - Establishes the agenda for Board meetings
  • - Maps out how the Board's business should be conducted
  • - Organizes the activity of other committees
  • - Invests, expends, borrows, and enters contractual agreements in accordance with the approved budget
  • - Monitors compensation, benefits and personnel policies for the staff
  • - Engages with the Executive Director regarding problems needing rapid resolution.

Daniel Black
EY Americas Director of Recruiting
Ernst & Young LLP

R. Samuel Ratcliffe
Director, Career Services
Virginia Military Institute

Manuel Perez
Vice President-College
Interim Associate Vice President
California State University - Long Beach

Kent Phillips
Vice President-Employer
Educator Relations & New Market Devt.
Disney Campus Recruitment

Andrew Ceperley
Past President
Project Director
The University of Melbourne

Marilyn Mackes
Executive Director