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  • NACE Awards Program FAQ

    1. What are the submission dates?

    The submission process runs from mid-November to January 31.

    2. What are the criteria that awards are judged on?

    Excellence awards are reviewed based on the following criteria: program needs/objectives, content, design, creativity, innovation, measurable outcomes and ease of replication.

    3. Who makes up the Honors and Awards Committee?

    The Honors and Awards Committee is made up of NACE members who expressed interest in serving on the committee, one Board advisor and one NACE staff advisor.  Committee membership is represented with a balanced number of college and employer members.

    To ensure the integrity of the NACE Awards Program, Honors and Awards Committee members abstain from submitting for an award on behalf of their organization and withdraw from the ranking and voting process in any category in which an award entry is received from their respective organization. Those serving on the NACE Board of Directors also abstain from submitting award entries on behalf of their respective organizations.

    4. Can I submit supporting material beyond the awards application itself?

    Beyond the submission form itself, supplemental information can be included.  It must be in an electronic format that can be added as an attachment to the online form.

    5. Can I submit a video?

    Yes, as long as it is in the form of a link to the video.

    6. Can I submit my program in more than one category?

    No, please determine which one category you feel your program best represents.

    7. Who can submit for an award?

    Anyone with an active NACE membership.

    8. How can I verify my NACE membership status?

    You can contact NACE membership at

    9. How do I know if my submission has been received?

    You will receive a confirmation email after you hit the submit button.

    10. When will I receive any feedback of whether I’m a winner or a finalist?

    The Honors and Awards Review Team meets in March.  All those who have submitted for award consideration should be contacted in early April.

    11. If I’ve been identified as a finalist or winner in April and wish to register for the conference can I still receive the Early Bird registration rate?

    Yes, contact Cecelia Nader or Pat Ettl to assist you with registration.