• Current Benchmarks

    Average starting salary

    Bachelor's degree candidate – Class of 2016 (annual): $50,219
    (Spring 2016 Salary Survey)

    Intern - bachelor's degree level: $17.69 (hourly)
    Co-op - bachelor's degree level: $16.97 (hourly)
    (2016 Compensation Guide for Interns and Co-ops)

    Benefits (top 3)

    Bachelor's degree candidate:

    • Dental insurance
    • Company-matched 401(k) program
    • Employee assistance (counseling) program

    (2015 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey Report)

    Intern: Social activities, paid holidays, 401(k)
    Co-op: Paid holidays, social activities, service time counts if converted to FTE
    (2016 Compensation Guide for Interns and Co-ops)

    Professional salaries (average)

    Director, Career Services: $74,337
    (2015-16 Career Services Benchmark Survey)

    Director, College Relations/Recruiting: $140,978
    (2015 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey)

    Student expectations

    Average salary (all majors, bachelor's degree level): $42,183

    Top 3 benefits:

    • Company-matched 401(k) program
    • Dental and medical insurance
    • Guaranteed annual salary increase

    (Class of 2016 Student Survey)