2023 NACE Student Survey - 4 Year


91% of recent college graduate respondents reported that they would pursue a college degree again. Furthermore, more than two-thirds said their degree will help them find meaningful work and a job that aligns with their career goals.

Uncover student preferences and attitudes regarding their career development from this year’s student survey report and interactive dashboard.

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This product is FREE to all member participants. If your organization participated in the survey, or you purchased the report and dashboard, go to MyNACE > Research Reports > 2023 Student Survey Report & Dashboard – 4 Year to access the reports.

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2023 NACE Student Survey



Filtered Data & Custom Views

Create custom views by filtering this interactive dashboard by major, gender, and ethnicity.

  • Internships: Demographics of Interns, Their Pay Status, Employer Types, Satisfaction Levels, and Other Outcomes for Graduating Seniors
  • Intern Conversion: Factors Influencing Intern’s Decision to Convert to Full-time Employee for Graduating Seniors
  • Job Offers for Interns: Offers and Applications for Graduating Seniors by Internship Status
  • Experiential Learning: Experiences, Pay, Modality for All Undergraduates
  • Job Offers: Links with Career Services and Institutional Outcomes for Graduating Seniors
  • Value of Higher Ed: Graduating Seniors’ Confidence in their Degree
  • Career Center Services: Usage and Helpfulness Ratings for All Undergraduates
  • Recruiting: Attendance and Sense of Belonging for Graduating Seniors
  • Career Fairs: Attendance, Interviews, & Offers for Graduating Seniors
  • Career Readiness: Ratings of Importance and Proficiency for All Undergraduates
  • Job Attributes and Benefits: Importance to Graduating Seniors

November 2023. Microsoft Power BI. Web format.

How do you use a dashboard?

Check out this dashboard demo from the 2022 NACE Student Survey report.

Below are the video timestamps for each of the key tips presented:

  • 0:00 How to Navigate to the Student Survey Dashboard
  • 01:45 Overview of Dashboard Components and Tabs
  • 03:36 How to Filter and Interpret the Data Visualizations (Graphs)
  • 05:25 How to Use Dashboard “Slicers” to Fine-tune the Data Across Multiple Categories
  • 06:35 How to View Sample Size of Selected Data




Dive Deep Into the Data

The 2023 Student Survey Report examines recent 4-year college graduate preferences and attitudes regarding their career development including preparedness and career readiness, experiential learning, their job preferences including modality, and their success in the job market and at career fairs.

November 2023. 8 1/2” x 11”. 32 pages. PDF format.


Benefits of Survey Participation

An essential contribution to the profession

Primary research surveys are administered annually to assist career services and university relations and recruiting professionals in making data-informed decisions; identify new opportunities; and forecast into the future.

NACE members who participated in the 2023 NACE Student Survey receive free access to the product for every single NACE member at their organization at MyNACE > Research Reports > 2023 Student Survey Report & Dashboard – 4 Year. Nonmembers who participated are eligible for a discounted rate.

To learn more about survey participation, contact NACE Research at research@naceweb.org.

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