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  • Salary Survey (Nonmember Price)

  • Summary

    As a member benefit, NACE members receive the Salary Survey and get starting salary projections and data for college graduates at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree levels in a variety of majors—including business, engineering, the liberal arts, and tech-related disciplines.

    Salary Survey features three reports, each of which reports data from a different set of sources at different points in the life of the graduating class. The January issue marks the first report for the current graduating class—the Class of 2017—and features starting salary projections provided by employers. Data are available by major, industry, and region. The January report includes salary data for more than 60 majors at the bachelor's degree level, 39 majors at the master's degree level, and 20 disciplines at the doctoral degree level.

    The Fall issue reports actual starting salary data, provided by institutions participating in the NACE national First-Destination Survey initiative. Data in this report are preliminary. The report includes data by major and region. The Fall 2017 issue provides actual starting salary data for the Class of 2017.

    The Spring issue serves as the final report for the previous year's graduating class. The report features final data provided through the national First-Destination Survey initiative; the data represent actual, starting salaries (not projections) reported by graduates to their institutions. Data are by major and region. The Spring 2018 issue is the final report on starting salaries for the Class of 2017. The Spring 2018 Salary Survey will serve as the final report for the Class of 2017.


    NACE Members can download their FREE copies of Salary Survey at MyNACE > NACE Salary Survey.