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  • Are Intern Salaries Higher Now Than Five Years Ago?

    May 11, 2018 | By NACE Staff

    An intern at her internship.

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    Are intern salaries higher now than they were five years ago? In terms of both nominal and real dollars, the answer is yes.

    Wages for bachelor’s degree-level interns have been on the rise since 2013. The nominal increase in hourly wages for interns over the past five years is 15.5 percent (from $16.21 per hour to $18.73). However, when wages are adjusted for inflation to 2018 levels, the real increase is 7.8 percent (from $17.38 per hour to $18.73). (See Figure 1.)

    For 2018, the fields of study that have the highest average hourly rate for bachelor’s-level interns are computer science, engineering, math/statistics, and health science/nursing. The fields with the lowest rates were human resources, communications, and marketing.

    For information about 2018 intern wages, see the NACE 2018 Guide to Compensation for Interns and Co-ops, which will be released later this spring. For insight into setting intern salaries, see “Key Factors to Consider When Setting Intern Salaries.”

    Mean hourly wage rate for bachelor’s level interns: 2013 – 2018*

    *Inflation adjustments were made using the CPI Inflation Calculator on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website. March 2018 was used for the calculations in this story.