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  • Letters of Reciprocity: Sample Letter #4

    Organizational Structure
    Someone writes a letter of reciprocity.

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    Contact's Name
    Name of Office
    City, State Zip

    Dear Contact:

    [Name of student], a [degree/major] at [name of your school], has requested a letter of reciprocity for services from the career center at [name of the contact's college/university].

    [Student] will be looking for a job in your area when she/he graduates in June. I would appreciate your extending to her any services that could assist her/him in her job hunt. Sh/hee is an outstanding student here.

    If any of your students should be relocating to our area, I would be happy to extend reciprocal courtesies. I assume this arrangement will not normally include on-campus interviewing privileges or eligibility for career services available only to your own students and alumni.

    Thank you for your consideration on behalf of [student].


    E-mail Address

    CC: [Student]

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