Reciprocity: A Sample School Policy

Organizational Structure
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[Name of your college/university]


The [name of your office] at [name of your school] grants reciprocal use of career services to degree candidates and graduates of other colleges and universities that meet the conditions below:

Conditions of Reciprocity:

  • A letter of reciprocity must be submitted from the school's career services office that the candidate/graduate attends.
  • The letter must list the requester's name, date of graduation, degree, academic major, and current academic status.
  • A statement that offers reciprocal use of career services to [school] students/graduates must also be included. It must outline which services will and will not be available to [school] students/graduates.
  • Statements must be sent to: Director, Career Services [school] [street] [city, state zip].

The following are services that will and will not be available:

Reciprocal Services Available:

  • Access to our vacancy listings in our career resource center binder system
  • Use of the career resource center and career information materials
  • Express service counseling to answer brief questions of a general nature
  • Web site materials
  • Resume critique services

Not Available:

  • On-campus recruitment program
  • Resume referral program
  • Career counseling appointments
  • Job listings password
  • Mock interviews
  • Internship Information
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