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  • Data Are the Foundation for Recruiting Like a Marketer


    To boost a stagnant college recruiting program, organizations should consider shifting their approach to think like marketers. The key to this approach is using data to make decisions.


    Web Tool Would Allow Employers, STEAM Students to Pitch and Connect


    The winning team in the STEAM category of the NACE 60th Anniversary Innovation Challenge conceptualized a web-based tool that would help match students and employers as a lead-in to career fairs or on-campus interviews.


    Translator Tool Would Help Students, Employers Communicate Liberal Arts Skills


    Leveraging the liberal arts degree was one of the challenges in the NACE 60th Anniversary Innovation Challenge at NACE 16. The winning team addressed it by visualizing a tool that would help liberal arts students to articulate the skills they gained and employers that hire these graduates to communicate the skills they seek.


    Think in New Ways to Attract Innovative and Entrepreneurial Students


    Entrepreneurial students can help spark innovation and improve procedures within organizations. However, traditional companies can find it difficult to identify and attract these students.


    Connecting Prospective Students With Career Development


    At Concordia University, Nebraska, a request by a coach for the director of career development to speak with a top recruit led to the career development office being a destination for all prospective students during campus visits.


    Comparing Branding Activities by Industry

    Branding the organization on college campuses is the single-most important aspect of a university relations and recruiting program, according to results of NACE’s annual Recruiting Benchmarks Survey. The NACE research team looks at how branding activities compare across nine industries.

    Tracking the Effectiveness of Your Employer Brand

    While a strong brand directly impacts the success of recruiting activities, strong operations cannot make up for a poorly performing brand. If your brand resonates with your target group, then more people will attend your events and convert through the process.

    Challenge Allows Financial Services Firm to Tout Its Tech Careers

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. has developed an effective way to brand itself to college students as a place to build technology careers and to identify strong candidates in technology majors and build good will within its communities.

    Using Creativity to Attract Students to the Career Center

    To attract students, career centers need to effectively market their programs and services. Doing so creatively can help create a powerful buzz among students.

    Key Considerations for a Low-Cost Recruiting Program

    To create a recruiting strategy that fits your organization’s budget, it’s important to understand your recruiting objectives. Then, find recruiting activities that are both effective and budget-friendly.

    Tap Into the Value of Video as a Communication Tool

    When communicating with candidates or employees, employers can use video to convey their message in a way that, among other things, offers insight into the company’s goals and culture, and engages and entertains.

    Using a 'Pop Culture' Template to Strengthen an Employer Brand

    When engaging students to strengthen your brand, it’s best to develop programs that both broadcast the messages your organization is trying to send and satisfies the desires of today’s students.

    Exploration Fair Helps Students Consider Career Options

    Joliet Junior College held its first Major Exploration Fair to highlight the college’s academic programs and provide a low-pressure, centralized opportunity for students to explore various career curricular and transfer options.

    Employer Use of Social Media Grows

    More than three-fourths (78.3 percent) of employers responding to NACE’s 2014 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey reported an increase in social media usage since 2013.

    How Employers Use Social Media

    Almost half of employers responding to NACE’s 2014 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey report using social media to search for and contact potential candidates.

    Five of the Most Interesting Career Center Websites in 2014

    What impressions and experiences do stakeholders have while scanning career center homepages and websites?

    Strategies for Effective Branding: Part 2

    Here are several tips from Sue Keever Watts, founder and president of the Keever Group, to help bolster your organization’s marketing and branding efforts.

    Twitter Campaign Helps Company Make Deeper Connections With Students

    Feedback from focus groups, recruiters, and college students showed a perception that, due to its size, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies (J&J) was unapproachable and impersonal. To overcome this and make connections that better represent J&J and its culture, the company launched a Twitter-based campaign called “Be Vital.”

    Differentiate Your Organization to Attract the Right Talent

    When employers participating in Universum research were asked about their top challenge in talent attraction, more than half said differentiation. These respondents recognize the importance of differentiation and the elusiveness of attaining it.

    Strategies for Effective Branding: Part 1

    Creating effective branding is a challenge for many organizations looking to attract top college talent. Here are several tips from Sue Keever Watts, founder and president of the Keever Group, to help strengthen your organization’s marketing and branding efforts.