• School Selection - Recruiting

  • Selecting Target Schools Ensuring Your URR Program Is Hitting the Mark


    Identifying schools to target for recruitment is critical to the overall success of your recruiting effort. Approach school selection strategically and base your decisions on a foundation of solid data.


    Select Target Schools With Data, Not Emotion

    Selecting the schools at which to recruit can become personal as many people have strong ties to the colleges they attended or their children attend, or to the sports teams at a particular university. But, basing decisions that have a strong impact on the direction of the organization on emotion can be a risky practice.

    Tips for Identifying, Working With Target Schools


    Identifying the schools that can help meet your hiring goals can be challenging. An important step is to work closely with the people who do head count planning to determine the number and kind of openings your organization will have, the type of employees your organization wants, the diversity needs of your organization, and your budget for college recruiting.


    Employers Target Minority-Serving Schools, Student Organizations for Diversity Recruiting


    The vast majority of employers—79 percent—target schools that serve predominantly minority populations for diversity recruiting, according to results of NACE’s 2012 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey.