NACE Employer Brand Research

The Role of Branding in Recruiting and Retaining New Hires

How do organizations use the insight of recent hires to evaluate the effectiveness of their recruiting and branding efforts?

NACE Employer Brand Research uses one-on-one interviews with new hires to ensure that branding, recruitment, and retention goals and strategies are aligned. The first impressions of new employees can be powerful. New employees help verify if a company’s culture matches the brand story already being told, and if this story resonates with potential hires.  

NACE Employer Brand Research enhances an employer’s ability to assess the effectiveness of its recruitment cycle by incorporating the critical element of “candidate experience.” From initial application to offer and acceptance, organizations learn if their branding efforts are fulfilling candidates’ expectations.

Valuable research data also includes:

  • What matters most to prospective hires, and how to incorporate that into the brand story.
  • Actionable insights into new employees’ perceptions of the interview and hiring process.
  • What motivators drive job offer acceptance, and how to leverage that into messaging.  
  • How the recruiting process impacts branding, and where the process and message align. 

Use NACE Employer Brand Research to attract and retain candidates who are the best fit with the organization.

Price: Varies based on the scope of project.


Contact Ed Koc, director of NACE research, at, 610.625.1064.