2021 NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Survey Product Suite

This product suite marks a new and dynamic way for the NACE community to experience and glean meaningful trends and insights from recruiting and compensation benchmarking survey results.



Fee: $230 (members); $370 (nonmembers)

This product suite is FREE to all member participants. If your organization participated in the survey, or you purchased the full product suite, go to MyNACE > Research Reports > 2021 NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Survey Product Suite to access the reports.

2021 NACE Student Survey Product Suite



Filtered Data & Custom Views

Create custom views by filtering this interactive dashboard by region, company size, industry:

  • Hiring Activity: Graduate Hires, Overall Hires, and Channels Used
  • Offers and Retention: Cycle Times, Offer Period, Offer and Acceptance Rates
  • Department Structure: Average Employees, Recruitment Execution and Structure
  • Career Readiness: Employer Ratings of Importance and Proficiency for New College Graduates
  • Diversity: Efforts, Target Schools and Groups
  • Diversity: Goal Percentage of Diverse Recruits vs. Outcome Percentage

February 2022. Microsoft Power BI. Web format.


Dive Deep into the Data

Read the full report to learn more about the percentage of U.S. vs. International new hires; average number of recent graduate hires; full-time staff members by organization; importance and proficiency of career readiness competencies for new college graduates; recruiting budgets; diversity recruiting efforts, including hires by job type, race, ethnicity, and gender; methods of communication used in the hiring process; cycle times from interview to acceptance; and more.

February 2022. 8 1/2” x 11”. 21 pages. PDF format.


Benefits of Survey Participation

Take part in an essential contribution to the profession

Primary research surveys are administered annually to assist career services and university relations and recruiting professionals in making data-driven decisions; identifying new opportunities; and forecasting for the future.

NACE members who participated in the NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Survey receive free access to the entire product suite for every single NACE member at their organization at MyNACE > Research Reports > 2021 NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Survey Product Suite. Nonmembers who participated are eligible for a discounted rate.

To learn more about survey participation, contact NACE Research at research@naceweb.org.

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