The Birthdays and Diamonds of Career Counseling


The Birthdays and Diamonds of Career Counseling


Are you familiar with the Birthday Method? Are you looking for new methods to aid students in the career counseling process?

Join the developers of the “Career Diamond and Birthday Method©,” Randi Roanhaus and Patricia Andersen of Midwestern State University, as they demonstrate these techniques and show how they assist students in the self- and career-identity process. Discover how this programming offers a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic platform for use with your students.

These methods provide an established structure for diverse student populations to discuss and act on themes that define their career identities through self-exploration. Reproducible handouts and tangible guidelines will be provided during the presentation for application in your own office.


Randi Roanhaus, Manager of Accreditation and Internship Coordinator, Midwestern State University Dillard College of Business Administration

Patricia Andersen, Associate Professor of Counseling, Midwestern State University West College of Education

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