Improve Employment Brand Through Academia


Improve Employment Brand Through Academia

  • Fee: $69 (member); $119 (nonmember);


How can academic partnerships lead to better potential hires? What methods can be implemented to develop these relationships?

Partnering with academia goes beyond funding research or placing executives on advisory boards. A comprehensive strategy that develops new teaching tools and builds off existing relationships can improve the connections between employers and universities. These efforts can result in an enhanced employer brand likely to attract the most qualified students, while giving schools the ability to enhance their curriculum. This webinar will focus on a variety of programs that present key learning outcomes to companies of all sizes. Learn how to tie this together in a way that is useful to the recruiting efforts attracting top talent.

Following this program, you will be able to:

  • Implement cost-effective strategies to help faculty understand your business;
  • Develop ideas for partnering with academia to enhance the skill-set of your campus hires; and
  • Integrate faculty relations into your on-campus recruiting efforts.


Sean J. Treccia, National Director of External Operations, KPMG LLP

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