Goal Pursuit for Students, Staff, and Organizations


Goal Pursuit for Students, Staff, and Organizations


What is goal pursuit theory and why does it matter?

This monograph outlines the theoretical underpinnings and framework of goal pursuit and offers insight into leveraging the concept with students, employees, and organizational units. The authors focus on expanding goal attainment beyond a fixed approach and introducing nuance levels necessary to achieve desired outcomes. Additionally, examples are offered of how goal pursuit concepts helped a student affairs division improve its operation. The publication focuses both on the microwork of individual development and the macro intentions of organizations. One can also easily apply goal pursuit to organizations and companies regarding onboarding, employee supervision, and cross-functional team collaboration.

Through this monograph, you will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of goal pursuit theory and how it impacts student success.
  • Learn strategies and techniques to for implementing goal pursuit with students.
  • Get a practitioner’s toolkit with powerful questions to use in coaching sessions.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Goal Pursuit: An Overview
  • Goal Pursuit for Student Affairs: Theory to Practice
  • The Practitioner’s Toolkit: How to Implement Goal Pursuit with Students
  • How Goal Pursuit Can Be Applied Across Different Professional Levels
  • Goal Pursuit & Well-Being
  • Goal Pursuit & Campus Partnerships
  • Goal Pursuit & Student Affairs Infrastructure
  • Summary
  • References
  • About The Authors
  • Appendix A: Questions to Ask Students
  • Appendix B: Goal Pursuit Practitioner Worksheet Outline
  • Appendix C: The Practitioner’s Toolkit: Quick Reference
  • Appendix D: Student Affairs Infrastructure Building


June 2021. 8 1/2" x 11". 42 pages. PDF format.