Multigenerational Workplaces: Succeeding in 2022 & Beyond

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  • Competency: Outcome-oriented programming
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  • Summary

    Five generations now share the workplace—with a sixth on the way—and the United States is now evenly split between those over age 40 and under age 40. Leaders and teams must balance a generation gap of multiple decades amid other aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Generational issues are often exacerbated during challenging times, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic and the remote and hybrid work situations it has created. 

    But what if you saw this unprecedented moment of generational diversity not as a challenge, but as a huge opportunity?

    New York Times bestselling author and multigenerational work expert Lindsey Pollak—often called a translator among generations—will share her insights into how organizations and individuals are changing the way they do business to better manage and leverage the unique skills and talents of each generation. 

    In this dynamic, engaging, action-oriented program, you will gain specific, actionable strategies to manage cross-generational challenges and turn multigenerational understanding into a competitive advantage.


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