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  • 2021-22 Career Services Benchmark Survey Report

  • Summary

    The 2021-22 Career Services Benchmark Survey Report is a comprehensive report that provides quantitative data and analysis on the range of college and university career center operations. This year’s survey was refined to highlight only the key questions in an effort to ease the burden on our career center members. NACE provides the results in figures throughout the report, while discussing important relationships, yearly trends, and insights.

    It is important to consider the timing of the survey. Data were collected from October 28, 2021, to January 14, 2022. The responses were submitted as the coronavirus pandemic continued and the Omicron variant was prevalent. The data continue to reflect many of the changes career services offices made to their operations. Colleges and universities have experienced shifts to virtual instruction and support, travel bans, social distancing, economic fallout, and other factors that affected operations. NACE is reporting the data during the pandemic to assess how the pandemic impacted the field.

    May 2022. 8 1/2" x 11”. 39 pages. PDF format.


    If your organization participated in the survey, or you purchased a copy of the report, you can access the report at MyNACE > Research Reports.

    View the accompanying 2021-22 NACE Career Services Compensation Report report for detailed tenure, base salary, salary ranges, bonus compensation, and benefits information. Save by purchasing the 2022 Career Services Benchmark Report and Compensation Combo.