2023 NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Report & Dashboard

Don’t believe the hype: employers do value college degrees.

Despite the national conversation questioning the value of higher education, responding organizations were firm in their belief in the college degree and the value of higher education institutions. In fact, three quarters of responding employers view college or university-based certificates as high quality.

Is on-campus recruiting a dying art? We think not.

Following the pandemic, college recruiting has primarily shifted back to campus. More than 91% of respondents cited direct on-campus recruiting as a channel they used to recruit Class of 2022 entry-level talent.

Uncover other meaningful trends and insights from this year’s recruiting benchmarking report and interactive dashboard.

This product contains:


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The report and dashboard are FREE to all member participants. If your organization participated in the survey, or you purchased the report, go to MyNACE > Research Reports > 2023 NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Report & Dashboard to access the report and interactive dashboard.

2023 NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Report & Dashboard


2023 Recruiting Benchmarks Report Dashboard


Filtered Data & Custom Views

Create custom views by filtering this interactive dashboard by region, company size, and industry:

  • Survey Participants: Percent of Respondents by State and Region
  • Hiring: Recruiting Channels, Total Hires, Graduate Hires, On-Campus Recruiting Outcomes
  • Degree Requirements: Degree Requirements, Changes, and Outcomes
  • Screening and Interviewing: Interview Seasons, On-Campus Participation and Outcomes, Screening Methods, and AVI Technology
  • Offers and Acceptance: Offer Period, Offer and Acceptance Rates, Retention
  • DEI Efforts: Diversity Efforts and Priorities, Strategic Focus
  • Budget & Staffing: Recruiting Budget Changes and Average Positions

October 2023. Microsoft Power BI. Web format.

How do you use a dashboard?

Check out this dashboard demo from the 2022 report.

2023 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey Report


Dive Deep into the Data

The 2023 NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Report examines crucial areas of university recruiting, including recruiting channels, screening methods, requirements, diversity focus, budget, and departmental structure.

This year’s report also contains new data on the value of a college degree and the value of higher education institutions. Additionally, the report examines employers’ view of career readiness competency-based certificates, AI within the framework of interviews, and how cycle times have increased on both the part of employers and students.

October 2023. 8 1/2” x 11”. 32 pages. PDF format.


Benefits of Survey Participation

Take part in an essential contribution to the profession

Primary research surveys are administered annually to assist career services and university relations and recruiting professionals in making data-driven decisions; identifying new opportunities; and forecasting for the future.

NACE members who participated in the NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Survey receive free access to the product for every single NACE member at their organization at MyNACE > Research Reports > 2023 NACE Recruiting Benchmarks Report & Dashboard. Nonmembers who participated are eligible for a discounted rate.

To learn more about survey participation, contact NACE Research at research@naceweb.org.

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