1. An illustration of a clipboard that says, "AI"
    How Students Should Not Use Generative AI in the Job Search

    Career services professionals can help students use AI tools effectively and avoid common traps and mistakes.

  2. An illustration of a robot filing resumes.
    Artificial Intelligence in the Preemployment Process

    Using AI in the preemployment process can increase objectivity but can also increase the risk of discriminating against candidates.

  3. A robot hand typing on a keyboard.
    Issues and Strategies of Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Cover Letters with International Students

    Because of the potential challenges of using career services effectively, international students may turn to artificial intelligence for their career-related questions without fully realizing the possible negative outcomes related to it.

  4. An illustration of a brain styled like a circuit board.
    UWF’s Career Toolkit, Best Practices Documents Address AI for Students, Career Coaches

    The University of Western Florida CDCE recently launched its AI Career Toolkit to address AI use, challenges, and possibilities by students exploring careers and the career coaches supporting them.

  5. A young woman looks at a series of charts superimposed on a screen.
    Career Services Working Group Addresses AI at Colorado Boulder

    The career services office at Colorado Boulder launched an Artificial Intelligence Working Group to collect information on developments, discuss campus applications of AI, and more.

  6. A human hands touches a robot one.
    LLMs, ChatGPT, and a Really Bad Idea

    In this op ed piece, Chris Miciek discusses problems with jumping into AI without considering the consequences and urges we take the middle ground.

  7. A robot reads a book.
    AI on Campus: A Look at Current Practice Among Career Services Professionals

    The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) polled its career services members in spring 2023 about their use of AI in their work and in their work with students.

  8. An illustration of a robot sorting through files.
    Personal Branding for AI Interviews: Preparing Students for Success in New Recruitment Tools

    Automated video interviews (AVIs) are an emerging recruitment tool. As success factors in AVIs may differ from face-to-face interviews, it is important for career services practitioners to know how to help their students prepare for these new types of interviews.