1. cover image for diversity and inclusion self assessment
    Diversity and Inclusion Self-Assessment

    The Diversity and Inclusion Self-Assessment is a tool that can be used to gauge current status and progress toward diversity and inclusion goals.

  2. person thinking with a laptop
    The Plight of the Undecided Student

    What makes undecided students tick? Two professors at University of Cincinnati evaluated a group of undecided students to find out and developed recommendations to support students who don’t want to be pinned down.

  3. people sitting at a table
    Diversity and Inclusion Checklist for Career Centers

    Use this checklist to gauge your career center’s current status and progress toward diversity, equity, and inclusion-related goals.

  4. A career services professional fills out a self-assessment related to his inclusion of individuals with disabilities.
    Disability Inclusion Work Progression Self-Assessments

    The 2019 Careers for Students With Disabilities Task Force developed self-assessments by which career services and employers can gauge the progression of their work to include individuals with disabilities. The task force also developed a tool for use with students to help them navigate the process.

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    Comparing NACE Career Competencies Virtually Through Intern Self-Assessments and Employer Assessments

    Amy Morrill Bijeau and Beverly Peters, American University, examine whether students can gain career readiness competencies through virtual internships. Their study compared student self-assessments and supervisor evaluations from those taking part in virtual, in person, and hybrid internship experiences.