1. man in the foreground smiling for the camera
    Case Study: Employer Access and Partnerships

    An employer has a partnership arrangement with a career center and wants special access to diverse students. How does the career center balance its relationship with the employer and its responsibilities to students?

  2. cameraman filming a crowd of people
    Case Study: Student Activism and Employer Access

    A senior university official requires the career center to bar a specific employer from on-campus recruiting events due to possible protests.

  3. man and woman looking at something on an ipad
    Case Study: When Faculty Refer and Rank Students for Employers

    This case study by the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice Committee addresses the ethical issues involved when faculty refer and rank students for employers and offers recommendations for how career center staff can resolve the issues.

  4. Career services professionals discuss who gets access to first-destination survey data.
    Case Study: Whose Data Is It Anyway?

    A career center compiles first-destination survey data; other offices on campus want access to the raw data.

  5. Person looking at laptop screen
    Case Study: A Question of Equitable Access to Internship/Employment Opportunities

    This case study illustrates issues that career centers and employers face in providing students with equitable access to services and opportunities.

  6. Student talking with an employer
    Case Study: When a Student Reneges on a Job Acceptance

    After accepting a job offer, a female student of color learns the company has a poor reputation with women and Hispanics; she reneges on her acceptance and accepts a offer from another firm. How does the career center address the ethical issues and the employer’s concerns about the student reneging?

  7. Man looking at clipboard while on the phone
    Case Study: When an Employer Rescinds a Job Offer

    A student accepts a job offer and withdraws their candidacy from other companies; the employer rescinds the job offer a month before the job’s planned start date, leaving the student with no job and no on-campus access to other employers. What are the ethical issues involved? What can the career center, student, and employer do?

  8. Diverse students sitting in class
    Case Study: Increasing Engagement With Career Services Among Students With Diverse Social Identities

    The following case study discusses ethical considerations when a career center seeks to attract students from diverse social identities to engage with their career center, access website content, and engage with other service delivery platforms.

  9. Black student smiling with blurred recruiter in background
    Case Study: When Employers Seek Connections With Students From Diverse Social Identities

    This case study discusses ethical considerations when an employer seeks to connect with specific student populations through the career center in order to enhance diversity recruitment efforts.

  10. Teacher counseling student
    Case Study: Confidentiality of Student Advising/Coaching

    A student’s identifiable demographics are sent via email by career center staff and shared with others outside of the university. Besides the legal implications, such a scenario has ethical implications, which are addressed by the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice.