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    Op-Ed: The Great Debate: Should Job Location Development Be Housed in Career Services?

    There are two types of people in the world of career services: people who know about JLD and those who have not heard about it yet. It is a tad obscure and vague; however, it can have a significant impact on a student’s educational journey and pathway to career success.

  2. A group of female professionals discuss employment challenges in a meeting.
    Overcoming Employment Challenges in Rural Areas: The Transformational Employer Engagement Strategy

    The Center for Career Development at the University of Charleston is working to engage employers by transforming transactions into relationships.

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    Ideas for Employer Appreciation Gifts for In-Person Events

    Some career centers are seeking ideas for appreciation gifts that are unique, useful, and cost-effective that can be handed out to recruiters during on-campus events.

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    UNH Program Provides DEI Resources, Recognition for Its Employer Partners

    Part of the mission of UNH CaPS is to help employers establish or enhance employers’ work around diversity and inclusion by providing them with resources, consultation, and recognition.

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    Career Services Makes Small Changes to Outreach Strategy, Substantial Changes to Career Fairs

    While the COVID-19 pandemic caused many adjustments to the ways career services offices operate, they did not make substantial changes to their employer relations strategy.

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    If We Kill Career Fairs, Then What?

    While many schools have seen fewer students attend both virtual and in-person career fairs, schools must consider other options to foster employer-student relationships.

  7. Who Are We Serving?

    When working with employer partners, career services teams must keep in mind that career centers are not staffing agencies and student needs must come first.

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    Candid Reflections on Fall 2021 in Career Services: Observations and Suggestions for Future Practice

    Over the last two years, the nature of employment has shifted, and college career services may need to adjust to more closely align with these changes.

  9. Black student smiling with blurred recruiter in background
    Case Study: When Employers Seek Connections With Students From Diverse Social Identities

    This case study discusses ethical considerations when an employer seeks to connect with specific student populations through the career center in order to enhance diversity recruitment efforts.