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    How Can You Be Intentional About Your LinkedIn Engagements?

    Students who begin building their social media presence while still in college will have an advantage after graduating, and there are several easy steps they can take to get started on LinkedIn.

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    The Career Counselor’s Guide to Social Media

    The Career Counselor’s Guide to Social Media will help students learn about social media as a job-search resource and career services professionals show students how to maximize their opportunities online.

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    Social Media and Noncompete, Nonsolicitation Agreements

    The significantly increased use of social media has changed the way employers and courts have handled noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements.

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    Career Center’s Social Media Takeover Program Allows Employers to Brand to Students

    The KU Engineering Career Center’s social media takeover program is especially important now, when employers are unable to engage students in person.

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    UGA’s Instagram Takeover Program Surges During Pandemic

    The University of Georgia Career Center has facilitated more than 20 employer Instagram takeovers this semester.

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    Advisory Opinion: Requiring Logins, Passwords Violates NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice

    Employers should not require a candidate’s social media account logins or passwords; it violates NACE’s ethical principles.