Talk Nerdy to Me


Talk Nerdy to Me


Can you articulate the many components of data science? Are you aware of the significant value of using data science to improve processes and organizational strategy?

Data science is an emerging, yet pervasive field in which massive amounts of raw data are analyzed through a process of capture, maintenance, processing, analysis, and communication. This process addresses the big questions—what should be measured and how to improve organizational strategy and improve outcomes for your organization and stakeholders. EMSI’s Bruce Evans, vice president of talent analytics, and Yustina Saleh, senior vice president of analytics, share the latest research and insights on building data science programs to gain insight into the current job market to give you a competitive edge.

Following this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the power of data science and how it applies to your office;
  • Inventory the job market that your graduates will be filling and gear a data science track to suit those needs; and
  • Assemble a program that fills the talent needs of employers in niche industries and communities.


Bruce Evans, Vice President, Talent Analytics, EMSI and Yustina Saleh, Senior Vice President of Analytics, EMSI

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