Brain-Based Career Development Theory


Brain-Based Career Development Theory


Developed at Ohio University, brain-based career development (BBCD) is based on cutting-edge neuropsychological research and supports career coaching. New research has led to a second edition of this monograph.

This newly expanded monograph provides insights into the brain’s biological limits and the impact this has on the career development process.

Through this monograph, you will gain:

  • Strategies and techniques to enhance your existing coaching services.
  • A better understanding of neuroscience and how that impacts coaching methods.
  • Powerful questions to use in coaching sessions, plus case studies and samples.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • BBCD Principles
  • BBCD Model Structure
  • Goal Pursuit
  • Potential Challenges
  • Training Practitioners to Implement BBCD Effectively
    • Best Practices, Considerations, and Techniques
    • Training Tactics
    • Training Career Practitioners
  • Appendix A: Case Studies
  • Appendix B: Effectiveness of the BBCD Model
  • Appendix C: Sample Coaching Questions
  • Appendix D: Sample BBCD Worksheets & Feedback Form

Published by the NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition

The monograph provides a strong foundation for anyone involved in career development, and is a key resource for those involved in career coaching or seeking career coaching certification.

June 2019. 8 1/2" x 11". 64 pages. Print format.

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