Games as a Career Development Tool


Games as a Career Development Tool


Are you maximizing programming with elements of game design? Can game design impact engagement, retention, and programming outcomes?

Join Dillon Waggoner, Assistant Director of the Career Center at Ball State University, and Samantha Martin, Assistant Director of Career Curriculum at Ball State University, to gain strategies and tools to transform your current programming model from good to great! Increase learner retention rates, improve the on-boarding experience, provide innovative learning opportunities, and maximize engagement by implementing game design elements. Examine the variance and commonalities of gamification and serious game to better understand the strategic role each has within the learning process.

Following this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe elements of game design;
  • Explore ways game design can be implemented within programming;
  • Develop strategies to increase engagement and retention; and
  • Innovate programming efforts through interactivity.


Dillon Waggoner, Assistant Director, Career Center, Ball State University

Samantha Martin, Assistant Director, Career Curriculum, Ball State University

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