Passport to Professionalism


Passport to Professionalism

  • Fee: $69 (member); $119 (nonmember);


Identify and resolve challenges for constructing an intern training program using a customizable 10-week module developed for employers to teach interns professional skills. Define strategies that will advance interns’ professional soft skills using a high-tech, high-touch method. Improve existing intern program by providing immediate feedback, guidance and mentoring. Overcome constraints using best practices. This program will interest any and all staff who supervise student interns including paid, non-paid, professional, off-campus, volunteer, and on-campus work-study jobs. It introduces interns to professional etiquette, work culture, communication, customer service, ethics, culture, and more.

Get a complete training package—the PPT presentation and audio, plus a supplement containing key resources that you can use to build your staff’s expertise.

Presenter: Jerry Houser, Associate Dean, Willamette University Career Center

This purchase includes 90-day access to the presentation PPT and audio, plus a 15-page supplement featuring selected articles. Supplement is PDF format.