1. A recruiter interviews a college student.
    Employers Slower to Make Offers, but Students Quicker to Accept Them

    Employers were slower in making offers to their candidates for their full-time positions than they were prior to the pandemic, although students who accepted the offers were quicker to do so.

  2. A team of recruiters discuss how to calculate Interview-to-Offer and Offer-to-Acceptance rates.
    Calculating and Using Interview-to-Offer, Offer-to-Acceptance Rates

    Tracking, analyzing, and acting on key metrics is critical to the success of a recruiting operation. Some of the most basic metrics are the interview-to-offer and offer-to-acceptance rates. These can help you identify problems—and successes—in your recruiting operations both with full-time hiring and intern/co-op programs.

  3. Job Offer Letter
    Intern Conversion Rate Climbs, Fueled By Jump in Offer Rate

    The average conversion rate for interns climbed nearly 20%, fueled by a substantial increase in the average offer rate, according to results of NACE’s 2021 Internship & Co-op Survey Report.