1. A faculty member speaks to a student.
    Helping Faculty Understand the Impact of the NACE Career Readiness Competencies

    The NACE Career Readiness Competencies can be a valuable tool to help faculty members demonstrate to administrators, students, and parents that what they do creates long-term value for students.

  2. A faculty member speaking to college students after class.
    Collaborating With Faculty for Successful Student Outcomes, Institutional Effectiveness

    Faculty are a key source of career advice for students—with more than nine of out 10 saying students asked them for guidance in the past year, according to a new study conducted by NACE in collaboration with the American Association of Colleges & Universities and the Society for Experiential Education.

  3. Strategic Approaches to Integrating Career Readiness Competencies
    Strategic Approaches to Integrating Career Readiness Competencies

    Strategic Approaches to Integrating Career Readiness Competencies, developed by the NACE Career Integration Task Force, identifies strategies and practices for integrating career readiness skills and competencies institution-wide and examines how career readiness informs skills-based hiring. The publication also identifies further areas for research.

  4. A person in a wheel chair enters a conference room.
    Tap Into Resources for National Disability Employment Awareness Month and Beyond

    As October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, several organization offer resources about disability inclusion for employers and career services offices to use now and throughout the year.

  5. A group of students and faculty.
    CUNY SPS Aligns General Education, Liberal Studies Curricula With Career Competencies

    CUNY SPS recognized that certain curricula could better communicate to students how their courses address career competencies and the significance of the competencies in achieving career success.

  6. Two wooden people figurines with graduation caps on a desk top.
    University of Redlands’ Career Faculty Fellows Program Embeds Career Into Curriculum

    The University of Redlands’ Career Faculty Fellows Program was launched in 2019 to help the institution scale career services and embed career preparedness more intentionally into the curriculum.

  7. A group of college students sitting in a row.
    Better Together: How Industry and Academia Can Co-Support Students’ Career Readiness

    When it comes to the development of college students’ career readiness, industry should be complementary to and support career services professionals and faculty, explain Liz Moran and Lynn Letukas of SAS.

  8. A group of people work together.
    Working With Faculty: TakeAways From the Competency Symposium

    New to the repository is “Curated Resources for Teaching and Assessing Career Readiness Competencies,” a compendium developed through a grassroots effort by NACE members. Access this and other resources at www.naceweb.org/career-readiness/resources/ .

  9. Three people in discussion
    Exploring the Influence of Course-Based Career Experiences and Faculty on Students’ Career Preparation

    The effective preparation of college students for careers is an important college outcome. Yet, employers and the public increasingly feel that universities are not doing enough to prepare students for the workforce

  10. A graduation cap and books.
    Career Preparation: From Afterthought to Center Stage

    It seems like you don’t have to look far to find criticism regarding the value of a college degree. In fact, some critics (and graduates who are riddled with heavy student loan debt) are recommending a harkening back to vocationally focused education

  11. multiple hands making the shape of a light bulb
    Creating a Culture of Collaboration With Career Champions

    At the University of South Carolina, career services is working to make career readiness and employability everyone’s responsibility with its career champions program.

  12. group of coworkers posing for a picture around a large table at the office
    Integrating Career Services and Alumni Relations

    Richmond merged career services and alumni services to elevate career services, provide additional resources for students, and more deeply engage alumni.

  13. two women and a man working together at table on their phones and laptop
    A Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Employment

    The guide provides faculty with information about the ethical and legal implications associated with referring students for internship and employment opportunities.

  14. man and woman looking at something on an ipad
    Case Study: When Faculty Refer and Rank Students for Employers

    This case study by the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice Committee addresses the ethical issues involved when faculty refer and rank students for employers and offers recommendations for how career center staff can resolve the issues.

  15. people sitting at a table
    Career Readiness Is Integral to the Liberal Arts

    A cross-functional team led by faculty integrated career readiness into the College of Liberal Arts at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

  16. An illustration of hands and people connecting on different mobile devices.
    Stony Brook Center Provides Support for Employers Operating in the Virtual World

    The Stony Brook Center for Remote Internships & Experiential Learning provides practical resources for employers operating remotely during the pandemic and beyond.

  17. Three people in conversation
    Oregon Has Strict Policy for Employers Looking to Post Unpaid Internships

    Having a formal policy helps the team in the University of Oregon’s career center team with consistency when considering postings from employers seeking unpaid interns.

  18. Computer image of multiple tasks performed
    Providing Career Services With Limited Staff, Budgets

    Solo or small-staff career services offices can take steps to sustain a satisfactory level of career services and, in some cases, grow their operations.

  19. Three people in a conversation
    Funding Program for Unpaid Internships in Arts and Humanities Has Unique Twist

    The New College of Florida’s SMAH Internship Program has a twist in its approach that distinguishes it from other programs that fund students’ unpaid internships.

  20. Light bulb with different patterns
    Faculty Are Our Allies in Teaching Career Preparation and Readiness Skills

    To understand faculty activity and attitudes about preparing students for post-degree employment, the authors surveyed faculty and found that are willing allies.

  21. 10 people looking at a wall with pictures
    Campus Career Council Promotes Career Development at UNO

    The UNO Campus Career Council supports students in achieving their career ambitions through shared knowledge of best practices and industry training.

  22. person sitting
    Permission to Rest

    Searching for a job can itself be a full-time job and could lead to burnout. Giving students permission to rest and recharge can ease the mental burden and lead to future success.

  23. graduate
    Fostering Faculty Champions for Student Career Readiness

    One way to address career preparation is by ingraining it into the curriculum with the help of faculty champions.

  24. Clip art of business woman with a cape
    Can a Career Center Prescreen Candidates for an Employer? Can Faculty Prescreen for an Employer?

    Many career services professionals are asked to prescreen candidates for employers—to identify their “best” students. So, too, are faculty members. Beyond a host of ethical issues involved in such a request, there are legal implications.

  25. Bridge the Gap Between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs: The A-to-Z of Partnering With Faculty

    Identify faculty partners willing to work collaboratively with the career services office in a partnership to promote student success, including reaching their personal, academic, and professional goals.