Small Dip in Overall Hiring Projections for Class of 2024 Follows Record Job Growth

November 10, 2023 | By Kevin Gray

Hiring Outlook
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Overall hiring for the college Class of 2024 is projected to dip by 1.9%, according to results of NACE’s Job Outlook 2024 survey. However, it is important to note that this is down from the last two years, when the college job market experienced brisk growth that, in 2022, reached record levels. (See Figure 1.)

To be sure, if the projections hold, members of the Class of 2024 are still entering a strong job market, although they may need to be flexible to attain the position they want.

While some industries cite budget cuts or an uncertain economy as catalysts for slowing or decreasing hiring, others—such as social services, engineering services, and construction—remain committed to increasing hiring.

These employers highlight the importance of keeping their talent pipelines full, company growth, and increased demand for their products and services as the primary drivers for their planned increase in hiring from the Class of 2024.

Also boding well for the Class of 2024: More than three-quarters of responding employers rate the job market for the Class of 2024 from “good” to “excellent,” underscoring employer perception of the current market’s strength.

Data for the Job Outlook 2024 survey were collected from August 2, 2023, through September 18, 2023. Of the 255 total respondents, 180 were NACE employer members, representing 20.3% of eligible member respondents. The Job Outlook 2024 survey was also distributed to nonmember companies, from which an additional 75 responses were received. NACE members can access the Job Outlook 2024 report in MyNACE.

Figure 1


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