Succeeding in the New Normal


Succeeding in the New Normal


Over the past two decades—maybe longer—the university recruiting profession has engaged in an ongoing debate about the yin and yang of “high touch” and “high tech” as they relate to student attraction and engagement. Although recruitment technology tools have certainly evolved over the years—CD-ROMs, blogs/podcasts, and chat rooms, among others, have all had a run—the ongoing discussion has remained a popular conference topic and grist for the occasional NACE Journal article.

Enter the COVID-19 pandemic, which moved virtual recruiting from a key topic of discussion to an imperative. In a world in which travel restrictions, work-from-home arrangements, quarantine directives, and other limits define the “new normal,” employers and candidates alike recognize that virtual recruiting is how they will and must engage.

How do we proceed?

NACE and Mary Scott, from the Scott Resource Group interviewed 140 college students to find out their thoughts on recruiting in a virtual world. Find out what our analysis showed and see their actual responses.  

This whitepaper comprises three sections that address the major elements of university relations and recruiting that will be impacted by the accelerated shift to digital platforms and tools: candidate attraction, candidate engagement, and the application process.

Each of these three aspects of the recruitment process includes a discussion of NACE research data as it applies to the subtopic, presents findings in support of the stated conclusions, and concludes with a checklist of recommendations for employers to consider as they prepare for their virtual campaigns.

Note, the data presented here are derived primarily from two sources: the 2019 NACE Student Survey and a qualitative, campus focus group project fielded by Scott Resource Group on behalf of NACE.

December 2020. 8 1/2" x 11”. 44 pages. PDF format.

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