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  • 4 Elements to a Healthy Hybrid Internship Program

    • Career Level: Intermediate university relations and recruiting professionals
    • Competency: Instructional design and delivery
    • Fee: $49 (member); $69 (nonmember)
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    • Summary

      Are your interns receiving the type of experience to yield meaningful results for your company? Explore ways to enhance your intern’s program experience across office location and virtually with four elements that focus on pre-boarding, onboarding, the experience, and off boarding. This session will offer practical tips to drive a standardized experience across your organization to increase your brand and overall intern satisfaction. All are welcome to join, but the session will be targeted mainly to the employer audience.

      Following this program, you will be able to:

      • Learn how to enhance each element of the recruiting process and intern program (pre-boarding, onboarding, intern experience, and off boarding) without being physically present;
      • Explore how to drive the intern program from the College of Excellence, but execute intern program events and experiences by leveraging a supportive community to create a standardized intern experience; and
      • Investigate ways to involve managers in the intern program to ensure consistency of experience and alignment to overall program goals.


    Visit the FAQ page or contact NACE Education & Events at, 610.625.1026.

4 Elements to a Healthy Hybrid Internship Program