Use of GPA to Screen Candidates Continues Fall, Drops Nearly 3% This Year

May 2, 2022 | By Kevin Gray

A recruiter reviews applications on a laptop.

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The percentage of employers that use GPA screening as a method of choosing job candidates continues to fall as it has dipped nearly 3% since the fall, according to NACE’s Job Outlook 2022 Spring Update.

The overall percentage of respondents that screen candidates by GPA has dropped to its all-time low of 43.5%. (See Figure 1.)

This is down from the 46.3% that indicated they would use GPA in the Job Outlook 2022 survey last fall. Furthermore, it is a significant drop from the high point of 2019, when 73.3% of respondents were screening by GPA.

Each year, NACE surveys employers regarding their hiring intentions for the graduating class; this is conducted in two parts—fall (Job Outlook 2022) and spring (Job Outlook 2022 Spring Update). The Job Outlook 2022 Spring Update was conducted from February 2 – March 11, 2022. Of the 196 total respondents, 160 were NACE employer members, representing 19.8% of eligible member respondents, and 36 were nonmember companies. The Job Outlook 2022 Spring Update report is available to NACE members in MyNACE.

Figure 1