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  • What Employers Give Interns to Remember Their Experiences

    March 06, 2019 | By NACE Staff

    Best Practices

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    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals

    Something to wear, something to use, something fun/trendy, and a bag to put it all in—that’s the gift philosophy behind what one organization gives its interns.

    Budgets for gifts from employer to intern seem to range from $25 to several hundred dollars and gifts are usually branded by the company.

    What do you give your interns to welcome them to their internship or help them remember their intern experience? Here are some ideas from the NACE Community:

    • A welcome sign above their desk
    • A handwritten welcome card
    • A gift certificate
    • A lapel pin
    • A T-shirt(s) or polo
    • Reusable flatwear, water bottle, or cup
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Bluetooth speakers
    • A hydropack
    • A backpack
    • A blanket

    What do you give your interns as they join or leave your internship program? Join the discussion in the NACE Community.