1. A man reviews KPIs on a data dashboard.
    University of California, Berkeley Career Engagement Creates Data-Visualization Dashboard to Tell Its Stories

    The college winner of the 2024 NACE Technology Excellence Award, University of California, Berkeley Career Engagement used Google Workspace products to create a data-visualization dashboard to tell its story in a low-cost, efficient manner.

  2. Someone scans a QR code at a career fair.
    Key Steps Help Freese and Nichols Strengthen “Earlier and Quicker” Strategy, Increase Hiring

    The employer winner of the 2024 NACE Technology Excellence Award, Freese and Nichols implemented talent acquisition platform Yello and modified its roles and processes related to its on-campus career fair strategy to significantly increase its university hiring.

  3. NACE Award winners: Providence College
    TV Show the Inspiration for Engaging Providence College Major-Selection Program

    The small college winner of the 2024 NACE Award for Career Services Excellence, Providence College’s Chirico Career Center has created and honed an engaging program designed to help students as they consider their majors and explore potential careers.

  4. A person waves an multicolored, inclusive flag.
    For the LGBTQ+ Community, Allyship Requires Action

    Although allyship with the LGBTQ+ community different for everyone, one thing is clear: It requires action.

  5. An illustration of people racing towards the sky.
    Supporting the Unique Career Development Needs of Graduate Students

    As the world of work continues to evolve, career development professionals must evolve their resources and services accordingly, based on the communities they serve. The school-to-work transition is common for both undergraduate and graduate students, but these two groups often have distinct career development needs, based on their identities, developmental stages, and life roles among other distinguishing characteristics. For colleges and universities to effectively promote the career success of their alumni, a customized approach will not only make services more accessible to graduate students, but more relevant as well.

  6. An illustration of a clipboard that says, "AI"
    How Students Should Not Use Generative AI in the Job Search

    Career services professionals can help students use AI tools effectively and avoid common traps and mistakes.

  7. A group of interns work on a project.
    Aligning Internship Programming, Experiences With Competencies a Natural Step for Northwestern Mutual

    Northwestern Mutual shifting the focus of its internship program to development of career readiness competencies seemed like a natural progression since the company was already focusing on themes similar to those identified by NACE’s competencies.

  8. An illustration of two students looking upward.
    UC San Diego Student Employment Program

    The UC San Diego Student Employment Program employs more than 6,000 students who work in more than 170 departments across campus.

  9. An illustration of two students looking upward.
    Reimagining Student Employment

    Student employment can be a potent catalyst for transformative learning experiences, but is often relegated to the sidelines.

  10. An illustration of a group of career services professionals.
    AuthenTECH Leverages Staff to Help Advance Equitable Career Outcomes for Students

    Winner of NACE’s 2024 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Excellence Award for colleges, the Georgia Tech Career Center’s Georgia Tech’s AuthenTECH Partnership initiative leverages staff to provide population-specific resources, expand programming, and cultivate partnerships to advance equitable career outcomes.

  11. A robot hand typing on a keyboard.
    Issues and Strategies of Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Cover Letters with International Students

    Because of the potential challenges of using career services effectively, international students may turn to artificial intelligence for their career-related questions without fully realizing the possible negative outcomes related to it.

  12. A young man speaking with a career services advisor.
    Landmark Helps Students With Autism Develop Skills and Strategies to Achieve Career Goals

    Landmark College, an institution exclusively for students who learn differently including those on the autism spectrum, champions a strengths-based model and gives students the skills and strategies they need to achieve their goals.

  13. Fehribach Center program interns.
    The Fehribach Center at Eskenazi Health Promotes Positive Career Outcomes for Students With Disabilities

    Winner of the 2024 Chevron Innovation Award, the Gregory S. Fehribach Center at Eskenazi Health empowers Indiana college students with physical disabilities to achieve equitable employment following graduation.

  14. A career services counselor talking to a student.
    Power Skills Aren’t Just for Students

    When it comes to advising students on the importance of professional skills, demonstrating those skills in your day-to-day can go a long way.

  15. Liberty Mutual interns working together on a project.
    Liberty Mutual Implements Skills-Based Hiring Approach Creating Career Paths For Interns

    Because Liberty Mutual Insurance hires hundreds of interns a year, it equips interns with a wide range of skills and has the skill profile of an intern closely align with its early career roles to prepare interns for potential future full-time roles.

  16. A group of college kids looking at their cell phones.
    Spring Hill Starts Early, Meets Students Where They Are to Attain High FDS Knowledge Rate

    For Spring Hill College, the work to attain a high knowledge rate on its first-destination survey begins in the fall.

  17. Two hands reaching for one another.
    Embracing Volunteer Opportunities Can Lead to Growth and Development

    NACE offers many options to get involved, and those who choose their pursue volunteer opportunities can experience both personal and professional growth.

  18. A group of college graduates at graduation.
    Embracing My Journey: From First-Generation Student to Early Careers Recruiter

    Because all talent acquisition specialists have had their own unique journeys, embracing those experiences can help them better understand and connect with students.

  19. Students sitting on steps at a college.
    Weaving Career Centers into the Fabric of Campus

    Career centers that integrate into all parts of a student’s journey in college are better positioned to effectively serve students and demonstrate their value on campus.

  20. College students take part in a microcredentialing program.
    CCC’s Microcredentials Tailored to the Realities of Its Student Body

    Cayuga Community College’s career services office launched its microcredentialing program in 2018. Since then, it has been building microcredentials in the non-credit and credit side of the institution, including developing its microcredential program and updating it to an online learning platform.

  21. Illustration of a loose crowd of people coming together to form a forward arrow.
    Strategies for Advancing Pay Equity

    Recent data reveal that systemic barriers continue to limit progress on achieving pay equity for all—yet there are tangible, proven ways that career centers and employers can make an impact.

  22. A group of Visa interns working together on a project..
    Visa Internship Program Built to Promote Conversion

    Visa’s internship program is designed to build full-time conversion and provide an exceptional experience for incoming talent. Phill Haig, Visa’s director of early career programs, says Visa’s target conversion rate has been 70%.

  23. An illustration of a pencil completing a survey.
    Tweaks in FDS Survey Process Lead to High Knowledge Rate at Roanoke

    Despite achieving a knowledge rate of 90.6% on its most recent first-destination survey, the Roanoke College career center is tweaking the survey’s process to improve it.

  24. An illustration of people examining data.
    The Strategies Centre College Uses to Attain a High FDS Response Rate

    Centre College’s three-year average knowledge rate for its first-destination survey (FDS) stands at an impressive 98%. This is especially notable given that the survey wasn’t required for students until 2023.

  25. A group of professional women.
    Gender Pay Gap: Tips for Employers to Ensure Their Salaries Are Equitable

    Consultant Katie Donovan offers tips for employers to eliminate the main causes of pay inequity for women, including that women are underpaid doing the same jobs as men and are underrepresented in leadership roles.

  26. An illustration of networked bubbles.
    It’s Who You Know: Helping Students Grow Their Professional Networks

    Because students may lack the professional network to get noticed, career services staff can help by leveraging their own networks to highlight students to potential employers.

  27. An illustration of a line encircling the silhouette of a head.
    The Impact of Providing Students With Greater Autonomy on Stress, Anxiety, and Project Management

    A pilot study conducted among cooperative education students at University of Cincinnati tested the value of providing students with flexible due dates to help them manage their mental well-being and grow their project management skills.

  28. An intern works with a coworker on a project.
    Factors Contributing to Intern Conversion

    Interns who feel committed to the organization because they were well treated are 7.14 times more likely to accept an offer of full-time employment.

  29. An email icon.
    UD Listens to Students’ Wants to Achieve High Email Open Rates

    The University of Dallas career development office listened to student feedback to pivot from texting students career-related information to sending messages via email. The results have been impressive.

  30. A woman programming on a computer.
    Insights for Supporting Women in Computing-Related Internships

    Women remain underrepresented in computer science majors and careers. Two researchers conducted a study to see how women in computing experience and make sense of their internships, and how their internship experiences shape their future career plans.

  31. A group of women talking in the office.
    Lessons (So Far) From a Former Dean of Career Success Turned Industry Insider

    A former dean now working with hiring organizations offers five lessons for how higher ed can work with industry and move the needle for students—especially low-income and first-generation students.

  32. A collection of different social media profile pictures.
    How Can You Be Intentional About Your LinkedIn Engagements?

    Students who begin building their social media presence while still in college will have an advantage after graduating, and there are several easy steps they can take to get started on LinkedIn.

  33. An illustration of a brain styled like a circuit board.
    UWF’s Career Toolkit, Best Practices Documents Address AI for Students, Career Coaches

    The University of Western Florida CDCE recently launched its AI Career Toolkit to address AI use, challenges, and possibilities by students exploring careers and the career coaches supporting them.

  34. A group of college students smile.
    Visa’s Internship Program Values Early Engagement, In-person Interactions

    Visa has found that hiring diverse talent is easier to accomplish the earlier it can engage students and it helps create a network of brand evangelists who are able to advocate for Visa on campus.

  35. Two HBCU students on campus.
    Communication, Trust the Foundation of Strong Relationships Between HBCUs, Employers

    As HBCUs are a key source of high-quality, diverse talent for employers, there are benefits for both institutions and organizations in developing successful partnerships.

  36. Two women collaborate at a computer.
    Yale OCS Online Career Tool Applies Design-Thinking Principles, Is Open to Anyone

    The Yale Office of Career Strategy enlisted the help of key partners to create an assessment tool that incorporates design-thinking principles and is available to everyone, not just Yale students and alums.

  37. A group of Gen Z students.
    Generation Z in the Workplace

    As Gen Z enters the workforce, there will be a shift in workplace culture and expectations, and employers who have embraced these changes have an advantage are positioned for success.

  38. A young woman looks at a series of charts superimposed on a screen.
    Career Services Working Group Addresses AI at Colorado Boulder

    The career services office at Colorado Boulder launched an Artificial Intelligence Working Group to collect information on developments, discuss campus applications of AI, and more.

  39. A mother takes a walk with her child in between attending online classes.
    Online/Hybrid Career Services Provide Much-Needed Flexibility for Caregiving Students

    Caregiving students are more likely to tap into the help the career center can offer than their non-caregiving counterparts, but may be stymied by scheduling conflicts that arise with in-person offerings.

  40. A student speaks with her professor.
    How to Help the Student Become the Professional

    The classroom can be a valuable resource for students to develop the skill and mindset to think of themselves as professionals and describe how their skills relate to their field.

  41. A student works on a laptop.
    Helping Students Harness the Power of AI to Spend More Time on High-value Career Work

    UCSD’s Rady School Career Management Center is addressing and creating resources around AI to guide students in its effective, safest, and ethical use during the college recruiting process.

  42. A smiling group of students.
    Ensuring Students With Disabilities Can Access Your Workplace and Thrive Once There

    To foster a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, employers should expand their DEI efforts to encompass what is increasingly being referred to as DEIA—or diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

  43. A person in a wheel chair enters a conference room.
    Tap Into Resources for National Disability Employment Awareness Month and Beyond

    As October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, several organization offer resources about disability inclusion for employers and career services offices to use now and throughout the year.

  44. Two young professionals work together at a computer.
    McPherson Links Campus Jobs to Career Readiness Competencies

    To make McPherson College students aware of the skills they are developing during their campus jobs, Amy Beckman incorporated career readiness competencies into student job descriptions and supervision.

  45. A person is pictured drawing on a wall.
    UC San Diego Passport Program Helps Students Create Their Own Career and Life Roadmap

    The University of California, San Diego Career Center developed the Triton Career Readiness Passport to help students launch a personal career journey by answering a simple question: Why?

  46. An illustration of college graduates and young professionals navigating around large books, screens and diplomas.
    Engaging Faculty the Key Component to Success of Georgia State’s Career Readiness Initiative

    Getting faculty buy in, having liaisons in different departments, and having the faculty be program champions was the key to the success of Georgia State’s “College to Career” career readiness initiative.

  47. An illustration of two people shaking hands.
    Williams Shifts to Basing Intern Hiring and Development on Career Readiness Competencies

    The Williams Companies evaluates talent for internships based on the NACE Career Readiness Competencies, focusing on the competencies where it has seen gaps in its intern class.

  48. Cappfinity exhibits with EY.
    Cappfinity Partners With EY to Deliver VR Internship Journey That Builds Skills and Confidence

    In 2022, Cappfinity partnered with EY’s UK student recruitment team to deliver an immersive, inclusive, and differentiated approach to early careers recruiting, creating VR for intern attraction and development.

  49. Upward arrows superimposed on a woman who is deep in thought.
    NACE Members Offer Tips on Increasing First-Destination Survey Response Rates

    Career centers looking to increase FDS response rates might want to focus on communicating regularly with students, providing participation incentives, and ensuring the process is convenient for students.

  50. Eric Leftwich of PathwayU.
    PathwayU Offers Predictive Algorithm to Go Beyond Traditional Assessments

    Not only does PathwayU offer student assessments, but it also provides guidance based on predictive knowledge that accounts for the user’s sense of purpose and meaning.

  51. Kathleen Powell of William and Mary.
    W&M’s Professional Development Academy Expands to Create Foundations Course, Evolves Into Week-long Event

    While moving to a virtual world and with little experience using virtual tools, William & Mary career center staff connected students and alumni by creating the Professional Development Academy.

  52. CSU Fullerton employees pose with their NACE Award.
    CSU Fullerton Program Empowers First-Gen Students to Create Their Own Social Capital

    CSU Fullerton’s “I Am First” program teaches first-generation students how to create social capital through a curriculum that empowers students to cultivate agency in their career search.

  53. Villanova employees accept a NACE Award at NACE23.
    Villanova’s Disability Conference Educates Employers on Recruiting, Inclusion Practices

    The Villanova University Disability Inclusion in the Workplace Conference is a half-day program designed primarily with hiring employers in mind to help them build disability inclusion into internship and entry-level hire experiences.

  54. A group of interns working together.
    What Do Students Gain From Internships?

    Internships can provide students with valuable professional skills but also a professional network, which can be even more valuable upon graduation.

  55. A human hand touches fingers with a robot hand.
    Avoiding Potential Legal Pitfalls Associated With AI Use

    Many URR and career services functions are using artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline their processes and enhance their operations. However, there are potential legal risks adopters should consider as they move from dipping their toes into the AI pool to fully diving in.

  56. A group of students work with a career adviser.
    Success of Dominican University Business School’s Career Development Program Leads to Campus-Wide Initiative

    Dominican University, a Hispanic-serving institution with 64% of students identifying as Latinx and located just outside of Chicago, launched its successful career development program in its Brennan School of Business in fall 2017.

  57. A woman and a holographic representation of a network around the globe.
    Creating an Interactive Visualization of the Scope of Jobs, Hope College’s Alumni

    In 2021, Hope College’s Boerigter Center for Calling and Career partnered with several computer science majors to develop a custom, interactive application for the college’s students and visitors to see a visual representation of the locations of Hope alumni around the world and their jobs. It also shows current job and internship openings in a given city.

  58. A group of volunteers.

    Through relationships made through volunteering, you can gain knowledge and perspective to grow both professionally and personally.

  59. A group of recruiters with their hands together.

    Some of the rewarding aspects of being a URR professional include changing people’s lives and providing a seat at the table for many who may not have been historically represented.

  60. A row of block with icons on them.

    BYU works to help students understand that they have these transferable skills and competencies that can be used in a variety of ways in a variety of situations.

  61. An illustration of hands.
    Interested in Volunteering? Go for It!

    Deciding to volunteer may not always be an easy decision, but it will ultimately be a personally fulfilling one.

  62. An illustration of the concept of artificial intelligence.
    ChatGPT Answers Questions About Its Role in Recruiting and Hiring

    In a unique interview with ChatGPT, NACE asks the AI language model how it feels about its use as a tool in the job search, career readiness, and talent acquisition; the ethics of its use; and more.

  63. Two people shaking hands.
    Look Around, Lean In, and Level Up: Creating Strong Partnerships With HBCUs and PBIs

    What are some key considerations and steps for employers to take to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with HBCUs and PBIs?

  64. A group of students work together on a project.
    Embedding Competencies Helps Ensure Students Develop Skills to Achieve Desired Career Outcomes

    To prepare students for their transition to the workforce, career centers have to account for the standards of professionalism shifting over the past several years.

  65. An illustration of volunteers with outstretched hands.

    While people often consider the professional benefits of volunteering, it can also have a positive impact on your mental health, too.

  66. An academic advisor mentors a student.

    Serving as an advisor and mentor often requires working with students to achieve their academic goals while also adjusting to a new social environment.

  67. A group of smiling people.

    No matter what the “volunteer language,” there is always an opportunity to give back and support others.

  68. 2023 NACE Award for Technology Excellence Winners

    Members of the NACE Community recently offered some suggestions to their colleagues for books to add to their summer reading lists.

  69. group of women posing for a picture

    The large-employer winner of the 2023 NACE Award for Recruiting Excellence, DISH’s “Recruit Once, Hire Twice” college recruiting process brings in top interns and works to convert them into full-time hires.

  70. A group of job applicants waiting for an interview.

    Interviews with diversity, talent, and industry experts revealed confusion, conflation, and a general lack of conceptual clarity around fundamental differences in DEI& B in their organizations.

  71. A composite image of people silhouettes and a network.

    Among the key information recruiters need to know to successfully navigate their careers is to stay informed and value relationships.

  72. A bunch of illustrated tiles with icons, suggesting the idea of strategy development.

    It’s useful to take time to develop your strategy and be mindful of possible trouble spots such before sharing new ideas.

  73. A group of professionals evaluate their organization's equity efforts.

    Research conducted by NACE and The Center for the Study of HBCUs underscores how important it is for companies to conduct audits to assess gaps and inequities in their recruiting efforts.

  74. An intern working at his internship.
    Alumni Gift Will Grow W&M Funding for Unpaid, Underpaid Internships

    A new $1 million gift supporting career development at William & Mary will triple the number of students annually who can receive university funding for unpaid and underpaid internships.

  75. Two career services professionals have a conversation.
    Equity, Access Keys to Forging Partnerships Across Campus for New UT Austin Career Center

    The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) is a public Research 1 university with 52,000 students and 18 colleges and schools, including medical and law schools. Like many large universities, UT Austin has a highly distributed model of 15 career centers within schools, and each area operates independently.

  76. An image of a fraying rope.

    Employers who ask about weaknesses during an interview are typically seeking personal awareness and how a student can frame a strategy to minimize the consequences.

  77. A Return to In-Person Career Fairs: Member Tips and Ideas

    Over the summer, NACE conducted a Quick Poll to learn about fall recruiting plans, and the findings seemed to indicate that most activities would mostly return to in-person. Employers expected to spend about 70% of their time recruiting in person and 80% of career centers were planning for in-person career fairs. However, even with a return to in-person events, both employers and colleges still had to adjust their standard procedures because of the ongoing risk posed by the pandemic.

  78. A group of people places all of their hands on top of one another.
    The Importance of Belonging: How to Create and Find It in the Workplace

    Chelsea C. Williams, founder and CEO of Reimagine Talent Co., defines “belonging” as a feeling that people have when they are seen, valued, protected, and respected. “While, ultimately, individuals determine and define their sense of belonging, I do believe there are steps we can take to build for belonging,” Williams adds.

  79. Silhouettes of people superimposed on a collage of buildings in the background.
    Alignment Shift Gives LaGuardia Career Services Access to More Resources, Industry Partnerships

    During the pandemic in 2020, LaGuardia Community College—a public community college that is part of the City University of New York (CUNY) system—inaugurated a new president, who is an advocate for workforce development as well as for internships. In addition, the chancellor for CUNY established career services as one of his priorities.

  80. A group of college students sit together.
    Skills-based Hiring and Networking Encourages Nontraditional Candidates to Apply for Jobs

    When employers consider skills and practice skills-based hiring and skills-based networking, they bring in a more diverse slate of candidates from non-traditional backgrounds, says Asha Aravindakshan.

  81. A career services professional works with a student and Tougaloo.
    Grant From UNCF the Catalyst for Elevation of Career Services at Tougaloo

    A grant from the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) helped to move career services to a position of more prominence at Tougaloo College and embed career readiness in the school’s curriculum.

  82. Two Saxby's employees at work.

    Through its Experiential Learning Platform™, Saxbys builds individualized academic partnerships to open cafes that provide exceptional paid experiential learning opportunities for students.

  83. The Career Services center at Michigan State University holds a meeting.
    New Division at Michigan State Adds Research Component to Career Services

    Career services at Michigan State University (MSU) is a centralized/hybrid organization of offices and is well-known for its Career Services Network, which is composed of career services professionals strategically located in central and college-based offices.

  84. Incorporating MLI Teachings Into the Real World

    Every year, NACE hosts their Management Leadership Institute (MLI), which is designed to help participants prepare for leadership roles.

  85. A scene from an internship fair.

    The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Engineering Job & Internship Fair Tours were created to engage more first- and second-year students in job fairs and to reduce barriers to attendance.

  86. Paper cutouts of people in different colors.
    Embracing Intersectionality Involves Making Personal Connections to See Value in Each Employee

    Diversity and inclusion have traditionally been about race and about sex, but we are all so much more than just what is visible, explains author, speaker, and social impact adviser Michele Sullivan.

  87. An illustration of a college student.
    Shift to Advancement Allows W&M Career Center to Support Students and Alumni in New Ways

    William & Mary (W&M) has recently undergone a shift that has elevated career services, alumni engagement, internships, and applied learning at the highly selective, Research 2, public, residential research university.

  88. A woman stands in front of a room of people to discuss inclusivity.
    Training, Intentionality, Accountability Key Elements of Building Inclusive Work Culture

    There are key steps that employers and colleges can take to ensure that their culture is inclusive, such as providing training, planning intentionally, and holding employees accountable, says MarTeze Hammonds, Ed.D.

  89. A composite illustration of hands creating a network.
    UB Social Impact Fellows Program Taps Into Student Innovation to Solve Community Problems

    A University at Buffalo program uses project-based internships with local nonprofits to promote collaboration, interdisciplinary exchange, and the value of social innovation among graduate students.

  90. A composite image of a person's silhouette and an abstract network.
    Addressing the Prevalence of Mental Health Issues in Young Professionals

    College graduates in their early professional careers report significant mental health issues and view their jobs as a contributing factor. How can employers and colleges provide support?

  91. Two wooden people figurines with graduation caps on a desk top.
    University of Redlands’ Career Faculty Fellows Program Embeds Career Into Curriculum

    The University of Redlands’ Career Faculty Fellows Program was launched in 2019 to help the institution scale career services and embed career preparedness more intentionally into the curriculum.

  92. A woman stands in front of a wall with a superhero shadow behind her.
    Breaking Down Student-to-Career Services Barriers With Superhero Culture

    I’ll never forget my first experience at MEGACON Orlando, the largest pop culture convention in the southern United States, attended by more than 140,000 people annually. The hundreds of merchandise booths, once-in-a-lifetime meetups with celebrities, jaw-dropping character costumes, and all-day schedule of live entertainment kept the weekend packed with engaging experiences. The moments I remember most, however, came in smaller, more personalized packages:

  93. A group of college students sitting in a row.
    Better Together: How Industry and Academia Can Co-Support Students’ Career Readiness

    When it comes to the development of college students’ career readiness, industry should be complementary to and support career services professionals and faculty, explain Liz Moran and Lynn Letukas of SAS.

  94. A group of coworkers in a meeting.
    Liberty Mutual’s Centralized DEI Team Provides Alignment, Clarity, and Operating Rhythm

    Liberty Mutual takes a very targeted approach to the sources of talent they try to attract, engage, and hire. This extends far beyond a traditional target school list.

  95. A composite illustration of people figurines on top of books.
    NYU’s Wasserman Center Integrates Wellness and Career Readiness in First-year Course

    Skill development and early engagement are key priorities of New York University’s (NYU’s) Wasserman Center for Career Development. It addressed both of these priorities by developing a program that embedded career readiness competencies in a course for first-year students.

  96. People silhouettes superimposed over a source of light.
    Wake Forest Competency Model Helps Alumni Navigate Early Years of Work and Life

    There has been a shift in the requirements of the labor market. Twenty-first century careers demand executive-functioning mindsets and tactical and relational skills, says Allison McWilliams, Ph.D.

  97. An employee works on a computer.
    Understanding Experiences Informs Recommendations for Working With, Recruiting LGBTQ+ Students

    NACE Brief: Understanding the Experiences and Attitudes of LGBTQ+ Students is free to NACE members. There are important—and troublesome—differences in pay, sense of belonging, and job offers that LGBTQ+ students experience during internships that impact their experience in the job search and employment, according to NACE’s newly released brief titled Understanding the Experiences and Attitudes of LGBTQ+ Students.

  98. Positioning Career Services as an Institutional Strategic Priority
    Positioning Career Services as an Institutional Strategic Priority

    Career services needs to be strategically positioned on campus to provide the vision, guidance, and relationships to demonstrate its importance and value and to maximize student outcomes.

  99. An employee at IBM works with an intern.
    IBM Accelerate Reinvents Virtual Learning Opportunities for Underrepresented College Students

    After witnessing the impact that the pandemic had on early undergraduate students from underrepresented groups in the tech industry, IBM scaled up its early talent ID program.

  100. A person works on a laptop.

    Soon after Mark Peltz was hired as the associate dean and director of career development at Grinnell College, it began a process of institutional elevation and prioritization of career services.

  101. Vanguard Shifts From Giveaways to Charitable Giving During Career Fairs

    Several years ago, Vanguard did away with giving out swag at career fairs. Instead, as part of the sign-in process at its table, Vanguard allows students the option to choose between three charitable organizations for the company to make a donation to on the student’s behalf.

  102. A young professional onboards with her new team remotely on a laptop.
    Virtual Onboarding Program Sets Protiviti’s Interns on Course for Success

    Protiviti has long felt that setting up its interns for success from the moment they first power on their laptop during the summer session is integral. When Protiviti switched to a virtual onboarding model for its interns in 2020, it realized there was more that could be accomplished in the virtual setting with intentional planning.

  103. How to Help Students Be SMART

    Students who set goals and develop a specific and measurable plan to accomplish that goal are more likely to be successful, and staff advisers can play a key role in this process.

  104. A group of nontraditional students.
    Embracing Nontraditional Students Can Help Employers Create Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

    Many emerging professionals are turning to community colleges, vocational schools, and technical bootcamps to gain marketable skills.

  105. A group of interns works together on a project.
    Key Steps for Boosting Diversity Hiring of Interns

    There were gender and race disparities within the compositions of the 2020-21 intern cohort as the majority of students who take part in internships are men and identify as white, according to results of NACE’s 2022 Internship & Co-op Survey.

  106. A woman uses a microscope.
    Workday Program Promotes Careers in Tech Fields to Women

    Launched in 2018 with a flagship two-day immersive conference, Workday’s “Future Females in Tech Engagement Program” helps women to build career confidence and make the connections they need to get started in the tech industry.

  107. A group of people meet virtually.
    UC Berkeley Career Summit Connects Transfer Students, Employers

    The UC Berkeley Career Center’s annual transfer student career summit is a five-hour virtual event that was created to help connect transfer students, who are often overwhelmed when navigating career opportunities, and employers that are not aware of the value transfer students can bring to organizations.

  108. A collage of books.
    NACE Members Share Their Recommended Reading for New Grads

    Memorial Day signals the unofficial start of summer, and for most schools, it marks the end of the busy graduation season. However, as this year’s seniors graduate, many NACE members were curious about how they could best share some final tips and advice as these grads transition from academia to the workforce.

  109. A group of students discuss recruiting efforts at M&T Bank.
    M&T Bank’s Talent Acquisition Ambassadors Strategic Part of College Recruiting Efforts

    The M&T Bank talent acquisition unit’s partnerships with employee resource groups (ERGs) has yielded a range of benefits, such as helping to identify internal talent, providing training opportunities, improving engagement across the organization, and boosting retention.

  110. silhouette of chess piece being placed on chess board
    Is Salary Negotiation Inherently Inequitable?

    When a candidate is put in a situation to name a salary or negotiate a salary provided by the employer, the candidate is not being paid based on their merit and skills but rather on how well they handle a negotiation discussion.

  111. A compilation of students texting on their phones.
    Texts, Tailored Information Keys to Attaining High FDS Knowledge Rate at Davidson

    In recent years, the overall knowledge rate of Davidson College’s first-destination survey (FDS) has been near or above 90%. Davidson has found several steps—such as getting an early start, using texts, and providing tailored information—to be helpful in attaining and maintaining a high FDS knowledge rate.

  112. A laptop with a sphere on its keyboard.
    How to Conduct Virtual Speed Interviews

    “Speed interviewing gives students strong, real-world practice on their interviewing skills in a low-pressure environment,” says Susan Proctor, who is the employer development manager in the career center.

  113. A student takes part in a virtual escape room with his university's career services department.
    Creating a Virtual Escape Room to Make Career Development Fun

    While looking to use gamification to create a fun and interactive career development program for her students, Merry Olson hit on an idea that has created much interest among career services practitioners.

  114. A friendly coworker helps a company intern.
    Intern Satisfaction the Key to Conversion

    Intern conversion is a business imperative at all times, but especially in the current job market, when many organizations respond to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic by shrinking programs and budgets.

  115. A non-traditional student takes advantage of a new resources at the Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Teachers College, Columbia University.
    New Resource Helps Community Colleges Redesign Onboarding

    The Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Teachers College, Columbia University recently published a new practitioner packet that provides guidance to colleges seeking to redesign their new student onboarding practices.

  116. A student takes part in a virtual career fair.
    Best Practices for Virtual Career Fairs

    Career fairs are part of the lifeblood of career services programs—and important events for students and potential employers. Many career centers are thinking of moving their career fairs online in the fall.

  117. A young professional woman works remotely during a virtual internship.
    Challenges to Account for With Virtual Internships

    While virtual internships are essential in the current work environment, it is important to recognize that many benefits of a traditional internship are lost when internships are done online, says Matthew Hora.

  118. A group of college graduates in 2020.
    Outreach to Target Students Who Indicate “Still Seeking” on FDS Survey

    Yale University’s Office of Career Strategy is undertaking an aggressive personal outreach effort to graduating students who indicate they are “still seeking” on the university’s first-destination survey.

  119. A recruiter touches base virtually with an intern during the coronavirus pandemic.
    Top Perks for Interns Can Be Adapted for Virtual Workplace

    The employers that could best weather the coronavirus pandemic in terms of their college recruiting programs will find ways to adapt to current conditions and still deliver on the aspects of their programs that are most important to college students.

  120. A career services professional works remotely to provide guidance to a student.
    Tips for Providing Career Services Remotely

    In this time of disruption and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, when many career services practitioners are working from home, it is crucial for them to stay connected, says Tammy Spenziero, who is in a unique position to offer guidance on working remotely.

  121. A campus champion smiles.
    Setting Up a Campus Champion Model

    An employer looking to set up a “campus champion” program as an element in its campus recruiting efforts turned to colleagues in the NACE Community for ideas on staffing, the responsibilities and expectations of the program, and the guidelines for campus engagement.

  122. Students on campus walk to a career fair that they heard about via social media.
    Ideas for Attracting Students, Employers to Spring Career Fairs

    How do you get more students to attend your career fairs? Career services staff often brainstorm new ways to get more students in the door—and NACE members are sharing their latest ideas.

  123. An employer discusses career readiness with an intern.
    Employers Play Key Role in Career Readiness, Competency Development

    Employers play an important role in ensuring that college students are career ready and in developing the competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for this transition. “It’s a role that requires employer engagement with both students and college leadership,” explains Glen Fowler, a past president of NACE and, until his recent retirement, the recruiting and training manager for the California State Auditor’s office.

  124. Interns undergo orientation.
    Tips for Your Intern Orientation

    Position your internship program for success by ensuring your intern orientation provides a strong start for your interns. They will be able to make meaningful contributions to your organization, and your organization will establish goodwill with interns from the outset, putting you one step closer to conversion.

  125. Illustrations of data and charts superimposed on the back of a man's head.
    Ethical Considerations for Using AI in College Recruiting

    Two critical factors for limiting bias in AI systems are building diverse AI teams and implementing an enterprise-wide trustworthy AI framework.

  126. A former intern keeps in touch with his new employer.
    Keeping in Touch With Interns Who Have Accepted Your Job Offer

    NACE Community members share ideas for keeping interns who have accepted their job offers interested and excited until the first day of employment.

  127. A group of female professionals discuss employment challenges in a meeting.
    Overcoming Employment Challenges in Rural Areas: The Transformational Employer Engagement Strategy

    The Center for Career Development at the University of Charleston is working to engage employers by transforming transactions into relationships.

  128. An internship on the job.
    Allowing Students to Use Jobs as Internships

    Can a current job also count as an internship? Several members of the NACE Community weigh in with their views.

  129. An illustration of silhouettes of people with low battery icons above their heads.
    Majority of NACE Members Report Work-Related Burnout

    Among respondents to a recent NACE quick poll, more than half of the association’s employer members and more than two-thirds of its college members reported experiencing burnout.

  130. multiple hands making the shape of a light bulb
    Creating a Culture of Collaboration With Career Champions

    At the University of South Carolina, career services is working to make career readiness and employability everyone’s responsibility with its career champions program.

  131. A college student interns in her career services office
    Tasks for Student Workers in Career Services

    What tasks do your work-study students do? Career services professionals noted their student workers create content, conduct employer outreach, and more.

  132. A young woman reviews a job offer on her cell phone
    How Long to Give Interns to Mull a Full-time Job Offer?

    Employer members in the NACE Community discuss the appropriate amount of time to give an intern to decide on an offer of full-time employment.

  133. A career center on a college campus is pictured
    Renaming the Career Center

    The career center’s name should reflect the services it offers to students, and help them identify it as a career development and job-search resource.

  134. A group of NACE volunteers.
    Volunteering Takes All Types

    While taking that first step towards volunteering may feel daunting, especially for introverts, it can end up being a very rewarding experience.

  135. A group of students market themselves at a reverse career fair
    Career Fair Succeeds by Turning the Tables on Tradition

    The University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee flipped the tables on the traditional career fair concept and held its first reverse career fair with much success.

  136. man and a woman working together on a laptop
    Toolkits Provide Key Information to Interns, Managers

    Ellucian’s internship toolkits are intended to enhance the employee experience, while providing interns and their managers with key information and resources.

  137. A woman works at a laptop during a business meeting.
    Practices for Successfully Recruiting, Developing Students From HBCUs, PBIs

    There are several research-based practices employers can implement to achieve greater success in recruiting and developing interns from HBCUs and PBIs.

  138. intern posing with arms crossed
    What Employers Give Interns to Remember Their Experiences

    What, if anything, do you give your interns to welcome them to their internship or help them remember their intern experience?

  139. A woman enters data for a survey on her cellphone.
    Using FDS to Benefit Your School and Demonstrate Value of Higher Ed

    Schools that conduct an annual FDS to capture information on how their new college graduates fare following graduation can benefit their own institutions and demonstrate the value of higher education.

  140. woman holding an ipad in the foreground
    Creating an Intern Evaluation Template for Wide Use

    The University of Washington created an intern performance evaluation template that it shares with employers, and on and beyond campus.

  141. Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis is the winner of the 2023 NACE/Chevron Award for its First Generation Career Connection Night as part of its First Generation Student Success Campaign.
    IUPUI Campaign Supports, Empowers First-generation Students in Career Readiness

    Winner of the 2023 NACE/Chevron Award, the IUPUI First Generation Career Connection Night connects first-generation students to employers to build their social capital.

  142. A group of college students in class.
    The Paper to Prove You Have the Skills

    Colleges must work to ensure that students are aware that skills they’re using and developing in the classroom can be an asset after entering the workforce.

  143. group of interns posing for the camera
    Getting the Most Out of Intern Surveys

    NACE offers suggestions for getting the most out of your organization’s intern surveys.

  144. woman smiling across the table from interviewer
    Preparing Students for, Setting Up Mock Interviews

    How can your career center help students to prepare for their mock interviews and set up the mock interviews to maximize the experience?

  145. up close of hour glass
    Offer to Acceptance: How Much Time Do You Give Interns?

    How long do employers give interns to decide whether to accept an offer of a full-time position? Employers want to give soon-to-be graduates plenty of time to make their decision.

  146. group of students working at a table
    #RUTGERSWORKS: An Update on the Industry-Centric Career Cluster Model

    Five years ago, Rutgers University – New Brunswick adopted the career cluster model. How is it working? How has it evolved?

  147. Counselor working with a student
    The Career Studio: Flipping the Career Center

    At the University of Nevada, Reno the career center became the Career Studio, where students never need an appointment. All career advising is done by undergraduate students; the professional team focuses on all other aspects of career development.

  148. group of coworkers posing for a picture around a large table at the office
    Integrating Career Services and Alumni Relations

    Richmond merged career services and alumni services to elevate career services, provide additional resources for students, and more deeply engage alumni.

  149. clip art of head outlines thinking
    Starting a Campus-Wide Competency Development Program: Different Approaches, Common Ground

    NACE looks at how two universities brought career readiness competencies to their campus.

  150. group of men and women shaking hands
    Best Practices for Recruiting New College Graduates

    Eight best practices provide a foundation for organizations that are focused on recruiting and hiring new college graduates.

  151. group of students walking away from the camera
    Is There a Best Day, Best Time for Career Fairs?

    When it comes to maximizing job fair attendance, there’s bit of quick advice from the NACE Community: Don’t hold job fairs on Friday.

  152. abstract image of people overlayed over the side of buildings
    Reimagining Career Services

    At Princeton University, career services is reimagined along the themes of purpose and meaningful work.

  153. clip art of two arrows one pointing up and one down
    Managing Up and Down: 5 Strategies to Excel in Middle Management

    Assistant and associate directors have one foot in vision and strategy and the other in day-to-day operations. How do these professionals excel as middle managers?

  154. cluttered desk in foreground with people blurred in the background
    Selecting Target Schools: Ensuring Your URR Program Is Hitting the Mark

    Identifying schools to target for recruitment is critical to the overall success of your recruiting effort. Approach school selection strategically and base your decisions on a foundation of solid data.

  155. close up of two people working on a document
    Key Items to Document for Your Internship Program

    Document aspects of your organization’s internship program on an ongoing basis to, among other things, help you clarify what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.

  156. group of interns posing for the camera
    Best Practices for Internship Programs

    NACE offers best practices for internship programs that feed full-time hiring, including recommendations for work assignments, work arrangements, housing and relocation assistance, and program management.

  157. A man engages a new employee to ensure she is onboarded correctly.
    Onboarding Done Right: New Hire Engagement Is the Key

    Onboarding isn’t about completing paperwork or a checklist. It is a six- to 12-month process that integrates new hires into the organization in a way that is designed to decrease turnover by increasing engagement.

  158. Learn, Goals, Skills, Mentor, Experience, Development
    INROADS’ Program Extends Reach of Diversity Recruiting Programs

    INROADS has co-developed a program to help organizations recruit students at a greater number of HBCUs across the United States for paid internships.

  159. people gathered around a table
    16 Actions for Shifting Culture to Support Black Employees

    There are specific actions that institutions and organizations can take to ensure that they create a culture that supports the personal and professional growth of Black individuals.

  160. two people
    We Stand Together: Moving Ahead With Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    During a recent NACE Town Hall, panel members shared experiences and offered ideas for moving ahead with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  161. person smiling
    The Importance of Language in Supporting DEI Efforts

    Language is a key element of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and can help or hinder efforts in this area.

  162. person standing
    Providing Support to “Onlies” in the Workplace and Remotely

    There are several key steps that organizations can take to best support “onlies” and provide a healthy space for them to excel at work.

  163. people sitting at a table
    The Benefits of Creating an Inclusive Work Culture

    An inclusive work culture mirrors the community the organization serves and yields many benefits for both the organization and its employees.

  164. five people standing
    Reaping the Benefits of Doing D&I Right

    Expert and author Tony Byers cites research confirming that there are substantial benefits associated with having a diverse and inclusive workplace.

  165. four people sitting
    Creating a Culture of Understanding for the LGBTQ+ Community

    Initiative provides support and creates a culture of understanding for what it means to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community at a Catholic university.

  166. person looking at a laptop
    Supporting Students With Disabilities in Their Job Searches

    Collaboration among campus offices is a critical aspect in supporting students with disabilities during their search for employment.

  167. person writing
    Developing Interns in Areas Critical to Their Careers

    Providing impactful professional development opportunities for interns can have positive implications for organizations.

  168. three people using a tablet
    College’s Career Curriculum Based on Competency Development

    LIM College has a unique career education structure that is based on the NACE Competencies and that will allow the college to conduct longitudinal research.

  169. person holding a pen
    Facilitating Faculty Buy-In to Career Readiness

    Since the success of career readiness plays out in the classroom, faculty need to drive implementation of the career readiness competencies.

  170. people sitting at a table
    Career Readiness Is Integral to the Liberal Arts

    A cross-functional team led by faculty integrated career readiness into the College of Liberal Arts at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

  171. Business professionals in a meeting.
    Students With Disabilities: Employer Best Practices

    The 2019 Careers for Students With Disabilities Task Force identified a variety of organizations engaged in best practices and promising practices related to students with disabilities.

  172. A group of students on campus.
    Students With Disabilities: Career Services Best Practices

    The 2019 Careers for Students With Disabilities Task Force identified a variety of institutions engaged in best practices and promising practices related to students with disabilities.

  173. A neurodiverse employee works with a mentor.
    Considerations for Starting a Neurodiverse Hiring Program

    Key aspects of building an effective neurodiverse hiring program are having a sustained supply of candidates and getting buy in from within.

  174. A group of students on their mobile devices.
    Gearing Your Organization’s Website to Attract Candidates

    There is a disconnect between students’ use of employer websites and their perception of the usefulness of those sites. Here’s why and how to fix it.

  175. Students attend an online career course.
    Offering a One-Credit Career Course? Here’s How Your Colleagues Do It

    How do career services offices handle their for-credit career courses? NACE members share their approaches.

  176. One yellow chair stands out among a group of blue chairs.
    The Effect Discrimination, Microaggressions Can Have on People of Color

    Not only can workplace discrimination and microaggressions have a negative impact on people of color in their careers, it can affect their mental health.

  177. An illustration of hands and people connecting on different mobile devices.
    Stony Brook Center Provides Support for Employers Operating in the Virtual World

    The Stony Brook Center for Remote Internships & Experiential Learning provides practical resources for employers operating remotely during the pandemic and beyond.

  178. A college student takes on some summer reading.
    A Career Services Professional’s Summer Reading List

    Members of the NACE Community recently offered some suggestions to their colleagues for books to add to their summer reading lists.

  179. A highway outside of a city.
    URR Functions in Transportation Industry Hit Particularly Hard by Pandemic

    Throughout the spring, the URR functions of employers in the transportation industry were particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

  180. An empty office.
    UNLV College of Engineering Plans for Reopening Based on Committee Guidelines

    The reopening plan developed by the UNLV College of Engineering aims to minimize direct contact for services that can be effectively delivered online.

  181. The abstract concept of digital networking.
    PwC Preparing Interns for Its New Virtual World

    PwC is providing its more than 3,600 summer interns with an experience that is preparing them for the new virtual world.

  182. Lightbulbs filling up with ideas.
    Future-Proofing Your Organization’s Talent Pipeline

    Following the Great Recession a little more than a decade ago, many organizations learned a costly, yet valuable, lesson.

  183. The hearing impaired icon.
    Addressing Challenges Students With Hearing Loss May Face During Pandemic

    Students with hearing loss may face challenges associated with communication that may be exacerbated during this pandemic, with requirements for wearing masks and physically distancing.

  184. An illustration of a computer and digital calendar.
    How Will Your Office Handle Drop-in Career Advising?

    Career services staff share their plans and ideas for how they might handle drop-ins in an in-person or virtual environment this fall.

  185. The concept of maintaining a talent pipeline.
    More Strategies for Maintaining a Talent Pipeline

    Companies that currently do not have jobs or internships should try to provide students with learning engagement support or development, and strive to make connections with them.

  186. A male student communicates in sign language with a potential employer.
    Swinburne Initiative Provides Inclusive Experience for Students With Disabilities

    Swinburne University created the AccessAbility Careers Hub, which provides targeted career education for students with disabilities.

  187. A computer screen filled with HTML and CSS.
    Are Contests and Hackathons Considered Experiential Learning?

    How do career centers handle alternative experiential learning experiences such as contests and hackathons that may not fall into a college’s or university’s internship bucket?

  188. paper airplanes
    Emerging Trends Could Threaten Equitable Outcomes for Marginalized Students

    Matthew Cowley warns that any trend that emerges that is considered to be a best practice could potentially threaten equitable outcomes for marginalized students.

  189. arrows
    Alliance Shifts Reverse Career Fair to Virtual Space

    Last March, a group of five Florida schools shifted their joint in-person reverse career fair to a virtual “venue” in just two weeks, but with positive results.

  190. three people wearing masks
    Professional Greetings: How to Avoid Shaking Hands

    In this new era of social distancing, what is replacing the firm, professional handshake?

  191. four people sitting around a desk
    Quick Poll: How Employers, Colleges Are Responding to Racial Injustice

    For many organizations and institutions that made commitments to take action in response to racial injustice, the work has yet to begin.

  192. four people around a desk
    Offboarding Interns in a Virtual Environment

    CDK Global’s retooling of its internship offboarding process has expanded opportunities for interns to stay connected with the firm.

  193. A young man researches a potential employer to ensure it isn't fraudulent.
    Fraudulent Employers: Tips for Career Centers and Students

    Career centers and students must be vigilant about fraudulent employers and should identify steps to take to verify the legitimacy of an employer.

  194. classroom
    The Significant Impact of COVID-19 on College Enrollments

    The guarded optimism of early June has faded into the reality that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on college enrollments for the fall.

  195. two people standing
    Managing On-Campus, Virtual Interactions This Fall

    NACE members offer ideas for managing the career center staff’s interactions—whether in person or virtual—this fall.

  196. abstract image
    Employers, Colleges Remain Slow to Act on Commitments to Combat Racial Injustice

    NACE’s quick poll assessing our field’s reaction to combat racial injustice show that employers and colleges have been slow to take action.

  197. Abstract image
    Final Results of NACE Quick Poll Shows Level of Response to Racial Injustice

    The final results of NACE’s recent quick poll show how our field is responding to the need to address racial injustice.

  198. glasses, notepad, and calculator
  199. person looking under a microscope
    Abbott Laboratories Internship Program Exposing Diverse Students to STEM

    Abbott Laboratories’ high school internship program exposes students from diverse backgrounds across the United States to STEM fields.

  200. Puzzle pieces
    West Chester’s Connect and Learn Meet-Up Is a Sensory-Friendly Recruiting Event

    WCU’s career center and autism program developed a sensory-friendly event where differently abled students feel more comfortable and confident interacting with recruiters.

  201. abstract image
  202. Abstract Grid
    Report Shows Larger Employers More Likely to Recruit Virtually in 2020-21

    Larger companies are more likely to recruit virtually during the 2020-21 academic year, according to a forthcoming report from NACE.

  203. Standing group of people
    Addressing Student Gap Years in an Internship Program

    Although AOIC requires potential interns to be enrolled in college, in certain cases, summer interns who did not return to school because of COVID have been allowed to stay on.

  204. abstract laptop
    When Do You Do Background Checks?

    Does your organization run a background check immediately after making an offer or closer to the new hire’s start date? URR professionals in the NACE Community share their approaches.

  205. students in a classroom
    Program Supports Students Transitioning to College

    MI GEAR UP is a statewide program designed to provide support to students from high schools in low-income areas who are making the transition to college and throughout their first year there

  206. abstract lightbulb
    Is the Number of Employers, Students Registering for Virtual Career Fairs Declining?

    Some career centers are noticing a decrease in employer and student registration for virtual career fairs. What strategies might increase the number of employers attending?

  207. abstract head
    Employers Made Changes to 2020 Summer Internships Due to COVID-19

    By the end of April, more than half of employers planned to move their internship programs to virtual and nearly half expected to delay intern start dates in responses to the pandemic.

  208. three people sitting around a table
    Empower Retirement Moving Away From Assessing Candidates for “Fit”

    Empower Retirement is moving away from assessing candidates for “culture fit” by aligning values and providing hiring managers with interview questions and language.

  209. people sitting in front of laptops
    Phone Calls a Popular Student Engagement Tool in Virtual Environment

    Last spring, career services offices were asked about the main ways in which they were engaging students, as nearly all contact had become virtual. In addition to email, phone calls were a popular tool.

  210. Abstract people
    Nearly 90% of Employers Have a Diversity Recruiting Strategy for Class of 2021

    More than 87% of responding organizations report that they have a diversity recruiting strategy for the Class of 2021, the second highest level reported in the past seven years.

  211. person giving a handshake
    Conscious Job Seeking: Assessing Employers’ Commitment to DEI

    There are questions that career services professionals can suggest their students ask recruiters to assess an organizations’ DEI priority and commitment.

  212. person looking at another person
    Questions Students May Ask to Assess Your Organization’s Commitment to DEI

    Students may ask specific questions to assess your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Be prepared to answer them.

  213. person looking at a laptop screen
    The Factors That Helped Eaton Vance Offer an Effective Virtual Internship Program

    The value of Eaton Vance’s summer internship program is evident in the attention the firm dedicated to its transition to virtual last spring and its management last summer.

  214. Abstract devices
    What Do Students Think of Their Virtual Internships?

    How do virtual internship programs compare with their pre-pandemic counterparts? NACE members share what they have heard from students about their virtual summer internship experiences.

  215. Students in a classroom
    Insight Into Student Use of Mobile, Other Tech in the Recruiting Process

    Research conducted by Mary Scott reveals that students are far more likely to use laptops than smartphones to complete key tasks throughout the recruiting process.

  216. Picture of a report
    Succeeding in the New Normal: Student Attitudes and Effective Virtual Recruiting

    This NEW publication from NACE, Succeeding in the New Normal: Student Attitudes and Effective Virtual Recruiting, provides recommendations and insights, based on research and qualitative interviews with students, for effective virtual recruiting strategies and practices. Download your FREE copy today.

  217. Building blocks
    New Tool Empowers Career Centers to Promote Anti-Racism Among Employers

    The racial injustices that marked 2020 strengthened Roderick Lewis’ resolve to create a DEI scorecard for career centers to facilitate change in the employers engaging with their campuses.

  218. Image of laptop
    Shifting Perceptions, Adding Value to Your Virtual Career Fair Participation

    Long-promoted as a viable replacement for employers’ physical presence on campus, virtual career fairs had not gained significant traction prior to COVID-19.

  219. Five people smiling
    Challenges, Solutions for College Recruiting at HBCUs

    Visibility and the tiering of school partnerships are two of the challenges Historically Black Colleges and Universities face in attracting employers to recruit their students.

  220. several students smiling
    Supporting DREAMers During Their Career Exploration, Job Search

    While DREAMers tend to have qualities employers seek, there are several obstacles they face that career services professionals can help them navigate during the job search.

  221. Person smiling
    Tapping Into DREAMers to Bolster a Workforce

    Many businesses and organizations are unclear about their ability to hire DREAMers who have DACA or TPS. In fact, employers are able to hire a DREAMer just as they would a U.S. citizen.

  222. Picture of a laptop screen
    Amid Accelerated Shifts in the Job Search, Much Remains the Same

    Even though the job search environment has undergone substantial shifts over the last five years—accelerated more recently by the COVID-19 pandemic—core aspects are intact.

  223. Laptop screen with images of people
    Virtual Activities to Connect Interns to the Company, Other Interns

    Offering regular activities keeps interns engaged with the organization, which is crucial, especially in a virtual environment.

  224. Threads connected by thumb tags
    Helping Native Students Actualize Solutions to the Challenges They Face

    By better understanding and accounting for the obstacles Native students face, career services and university relations and recruiting professionals can help them achieve their career goals.

  225. Three people in conversation
    Oregon Has Strict Policy for Employers Looking to Post Unpaid Internships

    Having a formal policy helps the team in the University of Oregon’s career center team with consistency when considering postings from employers seeking unpaid interns.

  226. Two people looking at a laptop screen
    Students Differentiate Between Personal, Professional Social Media

    Students consider personal social media to be undesirable as a recruitment channel, whereas they view LinkedIn as professional online networking.

  227. Computer image of multiple tasks performed
    Providing Career Services With Limited Staff, Budgets

    Solo or small-staff career services offices can take steps to sustain a satisfactory level of career services and, in some cases, grow their operations.

  228. People sitting around conference table
    Building Trust Helps Employers Build Connections to Tribal Colleges and Universities

    Building trust with TCUs and Native students and bridging gaps in areas of need will aid employers in their recruitment efforts.

  229. Person looking at computer screen
    Overcoming Obstacles: Managing Internships in a One-Person URR Office

    Many challenges with managing an internship program as a sole URR practitioner can be overcome by being resourceful, especially by involving colleagues.

  230. Four people in conversation
    Language a Key Component of Creating an Inclusive Workplace, Brand

    While many institutions and organizations have stepped up their inclusive communication—especially over the past year—some still fall short.

  231. Person shaking hands with another
    Effective Ways to Engage Student Veterans in Career Services

    Career services can play a vital role in helping student veterans realize their goal of meaningful employment after graduation.

  232. People in military clothing saluting
    Ways for Employers to Connect With, Support Veterans

    Employers that hire student veterans have the benefit of hiring employees who have already received “the world’s best leadership training.”

  233. Three people in a conversation
    Funding Program for Unpaid Internships in Arts and Humanities Has Unique Twist

    The New College of Florida’s SMAH Internship Program has a twist in its approach that distinguishes it from other programs that fund students’ unpaid internships.

  234. Many faces as a graphic image
    Lessons Learned Last Year Help Develop Internship Program Going Forward

    The lessons Cree Wolfspeed’s URR team learned during the COVID-19 pandemic have helped inform their preparation for this summer’s program and beyond.

  235. Computer image of two people in conversation
    Building Authentic Relationships in a Virtual Recruiting World

    Can building authentic relationships—the very essence of effective recruiting—be replicated digitally? There are steps employers can take to personalize the student experience.

  236. Abstract laptop image with connections
    Keeping Virtual Interns Informed, Engaged Leads to Strong Conversion Rate for Cigna

    The number of offers accepted by Cigna’s 2020 cohort of virtual interns indicates that the company’s conversion strategy was successful. There are several key reasons for this success.

  237. Picture of a laptop with magnifying glass
    Study Shows Impact of Pandemic on Internships

    During the pandemic, only 22% of college students took an internship, half were in-person positions, and quality indicators for online internships were low, according to a new study.

  238. Seven students in graduation attire
    Program Helps First-Generation Students Build Confidence, Overcome Obstacles

    CSU Fullerton’s “I Am First” program addresses the specific needs of first-generation college students and prepares them for the challenges they face.

  239. six people standing smiling
    Building Relationships With HBCUs That Go Beyond “Scratch-the-Surface” Measures

    When one HBCU career practitioner is building relationships with employers, she is looking for authenticity, a shared sense of purpose, and impactful engagement opportunities for students and the university as a whole.

  240. NACE21
    Key Takeaways From NACE21

    Over the course of the week-long NACE21 conference, it became clear that several topics—such as the new normal, professionalism, and career readiness—weighed most heavily on attendees.

  241. Picture of a giftbox
    Ideas for Employer Appreciation Gifts for In-Person Events

    Some career centers are seeking ideas for appreciation gifts that are unique, useful, and cost-effective that can be handed out to recruiters during on-campus events.

  242. Four students in a conversation
    Mentoring Program at NYU Equalizes the Onboarding Process for New Hires

    NYU’s Wasser-Buddies mentoring program helps shape institutional culture, equalize the experience of new hires, increase knowledge transfer, and enhance leadership development.

  243. Five people standing
    Culturally Intelligent, Diverse Leadership Keys to Recruiting, Retaining Diverse Employees

    Cultural intelligence may be the most important individual area of change for organizations that want to bolster their recruitment and retention of culturally diverse individuals.

  244. Cutout sign with word engagement
    Talent “Acquisition” vs. Talent “Engagement”: Using Language That Empowers

    It is important for employers to consider the language they use because language can be loaded and have different meanings for different people.

  245. 10 people looking at a wall with pictures
    Campus Career Council Promotes Career Development at UNO

    The UNO Campus Career Council supports students in achieving their career ambitions through shared knowledge of best practices and industry training.

  246. four people looking at laptop screen
    Ways Career Practitioners Can Help Students Navigate Nuances of “Professionalism”

    Career services offices can help students develop their professionalism and navigate situations when “professional standards” may fuel and foster bias.

  247. Five people gathered around a table
    Examining Professionalism Through a DEI Lens

    The biggest challenge with “professionalism” is ensuring that all candidates and employees understand what it means within the context of the organization and their specific job function.

  248. Free to Be: Proactive Inclusion and Equity Efforts to Support Gender Identity and Expression in Professional Settings

    Employers and career services professionals should take a proactive approach to ensure their spaces are tangibly inclusive to a multitude of gender identities.

  249. Three people in conversation
    Top 6 Reasons to Volunteer With NACE

    Volunteering with NACE can create meaningful professional and personal connections, develop and build skills on a resume, and create opportunities for growth.

  250. Person talking to another person on a laptop
    What Will You Keep From These Creative Times?

    After the pandemic forced major changes to recruitment and talent acquisition, the question of what changes were temporary and which are here to stay remains.

  251. Three people in conversation
    The Benefits of Service and Volunteering in Students’ Career Development Journey

    Volunteering can help students gain valuable experience and learn about what workplace environments best suit their needs, which will be helpful when applying for jobs after graduation.

  252. Picture of a brain
    Curriculum Helps Career Services Staff Engage, Support Students With Autism

    The College Autism Network helped create a curriculum to help career services professionals better converse about autism and support autistic students.

  253. Five words on different triangles
    UNH Program Provides DEI Resources, Recognition for Its Employer Partners

    Part of the mission of UNH CaPS is to help employers establish or enhance employers’ work around diversity and inclusion by providing them with resources, consultation, and recognition.

  254. Bunch of flyers on board
    Internship Roundup: Intern Conversion, Duration, Housing, and Fall/Spring Programs

    Talent acquisition professionals provide insight and ideas on topics around internships, such as converting interns to FTEs, internship duration, and more.

  255. Person working on computer
    Maximizing Insights From Virtual Career Fair Data

    The shift to the virtual space has allowed for collection of career fair data that may have been out of reach with the traditional format.

  256. Student typing on a laptop
    Process Verifies Quality of Internships for UNK Business, Tech Students

    The University of Nebraska at Kearney’s College of Business & Technology Career Center verifies internships to ensure they meet key criteria for their students.

  257. Person looking at computer screen
    NCR Set Recruitment Standard Without Stepping Foot on Campus

    Instead of pausing its college recruiting operations during the pandemic, NCR shifted its focus from on-campus to on-screen engagement, while always putting the students first.

  258. Picture of military uniform
    The Importance of Career Services Establishing Pathways for Military-Connected Students

    When working with military-connected students, it is important to keep in mind that while they face many of the same challenges as other students, their path to success can differ.

  259. Four students sitting in classroom
    Part 1: Digitizing Programs, Resources Can Be an Equalizer for Marginalized Students

    With student populations becoming more diverse, career centers need to change and adapt to their needs and be inclusive as they develop resources, opportunities, and programming.

  260. Person helping two students
    Helping Neurodiverse Students Navigate in Evolving Worlds of Higher Education, Employment

    Recruiting, onboarding, and retaining employees are not one-size-fits-all processes and there are challenges throughout. This is especially true for neurodiverse students.

  261. Group of people in meeting
    Dell Changes Definitions, Works With Community Colleges to Be More Inclusive

    In response to the climate of racial injustice, Dell expanded its definition of recent graduate talent to engage underrepresented minorities.

  262. Person helping another person
    Flexibility, Accommodations Key Elements for Hiring Neurodiverse Employees

    To get the best results when recruiting and hiring neurodiverse candidates, employers need to be flexible, supportive, and willing to make accommodations.

  263. person sitting
    Permission to Rest

    Searching for a job can itself be a full-time job and could lead to burnout. Giving students permission to rest and recharge can ease the mental burden and lead to future success.

  264. compass closeup
    How NI Revamped Its Early Talent Strategy and New Grad Program to Differentiate Them

    As NI went through increasingly rapid changes due to shifts in the market, it became clear that significant adjustments were needed to its programs and strategies.

  265. two people sitting and one standing
    Part 2: How to Create and Deliver Career Programs and Resources for Marginalized Students

    When creating programs, resources, and services for marginalized students, Stanford starts with identifying issues and needs through focus groups, research, and outcomes.

  266. person typing on laptop
    Wealth Impacts for Graduates of Career Development Programs

    Recent research suggests that career development programs that focus on key levers of economic mobility may play a critical role in reducing or eliminating racial wealth gaps for their participants.

  267. abstract hands
    Beyond Career Fairs: Facilitating Connections in the New Environment

    TAMU-CT is building employer engagement opportunities in partnership with faculty that are “a little less virtual,” but better meet the needs of its unique student population.

  268. People standing around tables
    Facilitating Connections the Key Benefit of Holding Reverse Career Fairs

    Reverse career fairs and reverse networking events can offer tremendous benefits, especially when held at small scale with specific program areas.

  269. two people looking at computer screen
    Carolina Cluster Initiative Focuses on Career Readiness and Employer Engagement

    The Carolina Cluster forged a new model for career readiness and designed and implemented programs to improve employment outcomes for graduates.

  270. six people standing
    Conagra Brands Works With ERGs to Bolster Diversity Recruiting Efforts

    Employee resource groups can be valuable tools for helping employers to bolster their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and to help with effective onboarding and retention.

  271. person looking at a laptop screen
    Reverse Networking Fair Rekindles Employer-College Relationships

    The State of Georgia’s reverse networking fair offered state agencies the opportunity to promote their career opportunities for college students to career services professionals.

  272. people sitting around a table
    Recalibrating Career Services’ Understanding of and Approach to Helping Today’s Students

    Dr. Julia Overton-Healy of St. John Fisher College suggests career services offices need to recalibrate their understanding of who their students are and make changes to accommodate them.

  273. Bar Graph
    Tracking Demographics Helps Career Centers Serve Total Student Population

    To best serve a total student body, it is incumbent upon career centers to evaluate exactly who is using their services and how they are promoting their services.

  274. five people around a desk
    Career Readiness Minor Prepares Grads to Enter Job Market as Standout Candidates

    Last fall, VCU began offering its Interdisciplinary Career Readiness Skills minor, an 18-credit pathway for students to develop today’s most highly sought-after job skills.

  275. Abstract technology image
    Internet, Tech Access Issues Affect Students’ Ability to Take Part in Virtual Recruiting Events

    It is difficult for students to be or perform their best when they are concerned about the reliability of their internet access and technology.

  276. four people gathered around table
    Building an Inclusive Internship or Apprenticeship Program From the Ground Up

    Work-based learning opportunities can be great ways for students with disabilities to gain valuable professional experience while preparing for their postgraduation careers.

  277. Abstract image
    Op-Ed: Keeping Career Development Transformational

    Career work is transformational, not transactional. If an institution clings to the severely outdated myth that universities should " place" students through their career centers, student learning, as well as critical connections with stakeholders, can be lost.

  278. People sitting around table
    Addressing the Shifting Standards of Professionalism

    To prepare students for their transition to the workforce, career centers have to account for the standards of professionalism shifting over the past several years.

  279. Women looking at large screen
    Cigna Event Celebrates and Engages Its HBCU Alumni and Allies

    Cigna recently held a virtual event to increase awareness of HBCUs and spotlight the prominence and legacy of HBCUs in the Black community.

  280. Two women in conversation
    Spotlight Setbacks Along with Successes When Job Searching

    As students prepare their resumes and practice interviews for internships and postgraduation employment, it is important to remember that failures can be as important as successes.

  281. Man with several faces
    Recognizing Emotions as Real at Heart of Developing Emotional Intelligence

    The concept of recognizing feelings as real is a key step in developing emotional intelligence. The risk you run by not doing so is burnout.

  282. People standing together
    Salary Transparency Is Just the Beginning

    Increasing salary transparency in general and including information on potential payroll deductions can go a long way towards a more equitable work environment.

  283. Growing the Seeds of Goodwill Through Volunteering

    April is National Volunteer Month and a great time to reflect on all the positive benefits one can receive through volunteering.

  284. Students listening to lecture
    Community Colleges Are Valuable Partners for Employers Looking to Build Their Talent Pipeline

    One of the barriers that prevents more employers from partnering with community colleges is a general lack of understanding about what these schools and their students can provide.

  285. Pizza Cutters and Squishy Animals: Suggestions for Career Fair Giveaways for Students

    NACE members share their ideas for fun, useful items that career centers can give to students during career fairs.

  286. Person presenting in front of people
    Volunteering for a Leadership Position Can Help Gain Valuable Professional Experience

    Getting involved in a NACE Affinity Group can be a great opportunity to connect with peers and gain valuable insights.

  287. Group of People
    Volunteering Begins with the First Step

    People may try to rationalize why they “can’t,” but NACE volunteers share their experiences and explain why everyone “can."

  288. Students in Classroom
    Required Course in Final Semester Yields High FDS Knowledge Rate for Auburn

    Auburn University’s high knowledge rates on its recent first-destination surveys is driven by the survey being part of a course all students are required to take.

  289. People sitting at a table
    Ask, Answer, and Observe: Preparing Students to Experience Interviews From “Both Sides of the Table"

    A workshop at Notre Dame allows students to experience interviews from the perspective of both the interviewer and the interviewee, giving them valuable insight into the process.

  290. Group of people working at a table
    Mohawk’s Programs Help Develop Competencies of Interns, New College Hires

    With an eye toward the future of its workforce, Mohawk Industries provides its candidates and new college hires with development that extends beyond the internship.

  291. Volunteering With NACE Keeps Me Connected and Accountable to the Community I Serve

    When it comes to volunteering, sometimes the opportunity can come unexpectedly, but accepting the offer can be fulfilling both professionally and personally