NACE First Destination Surveys Team

Committee Charge: The First Destinations Survey team takes further action on the August 2012 NACE release of the statement on The Critical Importance of Institutional First Destination/Post Graduation Surveys, detailing NACE’s position on first destination surveys: In particular, the team will continue the work of the 2013-14 committee to implement the goals outlined in the statement, including the following: • Collaborate with the NACE staff to deliver regular communications to the membership regarding the ongoing adoption of the standards/protocols, including effective practices. • Provide information about the reporting protocols and timelines for those adopting the First Destinations Survey • Collaborate with the NACE staff regarding technical requirements and vendor issues. • Conduct analysis of the initial launching of the First Destinations Survey and make recommendations to the Board regarding improvements of instrumentation, protocols, reporting, etc. • Develop protocols and documentation to support graduate program career outcomes as a complementary process to the undergraduate initiative. Present recommendations to the Board by January 5, 2015.