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  • Press Room: Contacts/Experts


    For general information:

    Mimi Collins, 610.868.1421, ext. 119
    Kevin Gray, 610.868.1421, ext. 139

    For information about salary, hiring trends, research-related issues:

    Andrea Koncz, research manager, 610.868.1421, ext. 121


    Shawn VanDerziel

    Shawn VanDerziel, Executive Director

    Shawn VanDerziel, NACE executive director, leads the association of 13,500+ professionals at more than 3,100 employing organizations and educational institutions engaged in the career development and employment of college students and alumni. (Read his full bio.)

    As a leader in the career development and talent acquisition field, VanDerziel works with various professional, educational, and government organizations nationwide to advocate on behalf of the association’s members as well as for the college students and graduates they serve. He regularly presents on trends and issues in the employment market for new college graduates, including career readiness, internships, and recruiting strategies.

    Andrea Koncz

    Andrea J. Koncz, Research Manager

    610.868.1421, ext. 121

    Andrea Koncz analyzes and reports on employment and job market trends for new college graduates. She also researches starting salary information for NACE's Salary Survey report, and responds to inquiries regarding the national and regional job market for new college graduates, including starting salary information for more than 90 disciplines. She also reports on employers' hiring projections through NACE's annual Job Outlook report, and is available to discuss the recruiting methods employers favor, the skills they seek in college candidates, and the challenges they face in assimilating new hires into the workplace.