Sourcing, Nominations, & Election

To source, nominate, and elect NACE members to the NACE Board of Directors, the NACE Bylaws and Policy & Procedures Manual provide a consistent, transparent, and equitable set of protocols and processes to ensure adherence to the core value of inclusion.

Member-Driven Sourcing & Nomination Committee

  • A new Sourcing & Nominations Committee is appointed each July and is drawn from the NACE membership; particular attention is paid to the diversity of the individuals and the institutions and organizations they represent across a range of parameters. (See the NACE Statement of Diversity & Inclusion.)
  • In late summer/early fall, all NACE college and employer members are contacted and encouraged by the Committee to self-nominate for Director positions on the Board. Members are provided with information on the expectations and competencies required, reference to NACE’s Statement on Diversity & Inclusion, and a description of the Director’s responsibilities.  
  • Eligibility for Officer positions requires that candidates must have previously served as a Director. All those eligible are contacted in advance and encouraged to submit their nomination.
  • Communications to members include comprehensive information regarding the open positions, opportunities to ask questions, and the deadline for nomination submission.

Nominations, Election, & Follow-up

  • The Board of Directors is comprised of four College Directors, four Employer Directors, a Vice Chair-College, a Vice Chair-Employer, Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair. All have two-year terms with the exception of the Chair, who has a three-year term as he or she cycles through the Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair positions.
  • To ensure continuity and balance on the Board, each year members elect two College and two Employer Directors; the Chair-Elect (who rotates between college and employer professionals each year); and a rotation of either Vice Chair-College or Vice Chair-Employer. 
  • In mid to late fall, the Sourcing & Nominations Committee meets to thoroughly review the experience and competencies of all candidates expressing interest in service, considering alignment of experience and competencies to the requirements of the position.
  • After an in-depth review of all submissions, the Sourcing & Nominations Committee recommends a ballot of candidates to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • The Board, comprised solely of NACE members, reviews and approves the ballot.
  • All candidates who have submitted nominations are contacted individually by phone prior to January 1.
  • Those not selected for the ballot are encouraged to continue volunteer engagement and explore leadership roles in the future.
  • The ballot is sent to the full membership for vote in January.
  • Newly elected Board members take office in July, after participation in a mentoring program and a leadership retreat.